5 ways to treat yourself during the holidays for your best body mind and soul..

Each year ybff holiday gift guide suggests healthy thoughtful inexpensive gifts for family and friends but this year we're going to focus on how to treat yourself to the gift of stress relief, real body confidence and/or quick workout recovery and results with 5 unique gifts that get you closer to your best body mind soul and life...

1.  Treat yourself to a big confidence boost with boudoir or pinup photos package

I recently wrote about the amazing body confidence boost from an alternative pinup photo shoot that I had in September.  If you've ever wished a photographer could capture your true beauty inside and out then I highly recommend this amazing self esteem boosting experience.  It will be a gift that you'll look back on when you're old and grey and wonder why you didn't do it when you were younger.  Trust me when I tell you that I've really hated having pics taken for quite a while now but enjoyed my pinup photo shoot so much!  Don't be afraid to treat yourself to this gift.  Just make sure you find a great photographer like Victoria Caroline Boudoir featured below who is skilled at taking pics of REAL women (not perfect models).  Prices vary a lot among photographers so the one I had is $150 but was free as part of my burlesque mentorship program. 

I received this text today and oh my gosh, it made me cry so many happy tears! Every woman needs to read this!"I grew...

Posted by Victoria Caroline Boudoir on Monday, October 19, 2015

2.  Treat yourself to instant happiness, gratitude and self exploration with positive journaling

In past years I've written several quick articles about how to improve or speed up fitness results with fitness journals, gratitude journals as well as creative journal wrecking.  Not only is journaling cathartic and amazing stress relief it can also help you find your true underlying motivations for wanting the body you desire which boosts motivation.  It can also help you live a more joyful life, let go of negative feelings and even help you find your passion in life.  A few great ones available on Amazon right now are: Instant Happy Journal - 365 Days of Inspiration Gratitude & Joy  or Start Where You Are - A Journal of Self Exploration.  Both around $10  

3.  Treat yourself to a curvier figure for a special occasion or just because you feel like it!  

Need a little help cinching your waist and looking more curvy in your holiday outfit?  The squeem shaper can take up 2" off your waist giving you a smoother more hourglass shaped figure which is a nice confidence boost that can actually prevent diet melt-downs at holiday parties.  Some fitness gurus have called shapers and cinchers ridiculous but in reality they are an easy way to look more curvy and sexy while you're in the process of improving your body.  They can also make you look even more amazing if you're already at your desired weight size and bodyfat.  Quality shapers usually run from $50-$90 but you can get the Squeem Shaper for 50% off the regular $70 price with this exclusive code:  BFFBFxclusive  *good from 11/27-11/30 2015   

4.  Treat yourself to some stress relief, muscle relaxation and better sleep with therapeutic bath

I've been recommending another brand of bath salts for years but decided to try Dr. Teal's Soothe & Sleep lavender scent this year because of all the insomnia issues I was struggling with for months.  I was skeptical that it would work but this brand provided amazing muscle tension relief as well as stress relief plus the most sound sleep I've had in ages.  Best of all it's a really nice way to unplug from every day life and just spend some alone time letting all your worries melt away.  Dr. Teal's can be found on Amazon or most grocery stores and drug stores and there are many other scents to choose from if Lavender isn't your thing.  It's only $5 too!  

5.  Treat yourself to feeling like a superstar femme fatale with rhinestoned anything...

I never believed in the power of rhinestone anything until I started performing burlesque.  It took me a few shows to want to use Swarovski on my costumes but once I did I was hooked!  Nobody really knows why but rhinestoned lingerie, shoes or clothing have the power to turn you from basic woman into fierce femme fatale.  Why else would Dita Von Teese & every other performer in the world including Beyonce or Madonna wear rhinestoned costumes or dresses.  If you secretly want to try this start with a rhinestone embellished bra and panty set or if you're more bold try a pair of rhinestone heels for going out.  You can also rhinestone anything yourself by ordering a small inexpensive bag of Swarovski online (I get mine from Colorado Crystals).  

Pic here includes pieces I've created for costumes and ones I'm working on just for me.  All you need to do this is E6000 glue, a syringe and a bit of creativity.  Cost can range from $10 to $100+