training for vanity over fitness?

by Monica

workout to look good naked but focus on the fitness details more!

workout to look good naked but focus on the fitness details more!

We all want to exercise to look better as well as be healthy and fit right? Those goals can be reached together but should they be focused on equally? This is something that came to mind the other evening after several performers threatened to hire me as their trainer after a show hahaha.

Some of my performer peers do this after every show we do then they never follow through so it got me thinking about why they never follow through with their fit healthy body goals with or without me as their trainer.

What I concluded is that 80% of people I perform with don't really care about being fit and healthy. They really only want to train for vanity. I'm not judging them or you if you are the same. Like I said, we all want to look hot and sexy from working out.

The problem with focusing on this as your goal is that it isn't very motivating because the results don't happen overnight so when you actually have to wait to see the full transformation which can take 12 weeks to 12 months depending on how far off you are from your dream body then it gets incredibly hard to keep going because you have nothing else to focus on.

So really the best way to get started and to keep yourself motivated until you reach your dream body is to focus on the more important benefits of fitness such as fitting into old clothes you still love and thought you would never wear again, being able to lift basic stuff like laundry baskets or boxes of books or babies and run upstairs with them without losing your breath or having the energy, mobility and coordination for the activities you love to do no matter what age you are.

Those benefits are a million times more motivating than just looking good. The hot sexy body will happen whether you focus on it or not and it's the little victories in your weekly workouts that will get you there so that should be what your focus is on.

Sure sometimes it's easy to get distracted by our smaller waist and rounder booty ideals or by our lean toned body for bikini season emergencies, but the minute you begin to let that take over your workouts is the minute that internal fire goes out and you begin to struggle with workout motivation that helps you get the hard work done for your best body results.

Your brain knows what that your ultimate goal is all about so if you just focus on the details of how to get there the process only becomes easier not harder and sooner than you think you get to see that dream body just appear in the mirror.

Need to switch your mindset to focus on what matters? Check out my measure fitness success article to learn what to focus on for your best body transformation.

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