top tip for sexy female body plus sexy dance circuit

by monica

Today is day 6 of vlogmas 2013!! and I shared the top tip for a sexy female body as well as a sexy dance circuit to help you carve out some feminine curves.

The top tip for getting a sexy female body with feminine curves as well as positive body image and body confidence is to train like a woman and not like a dude.

Men have completely different bodies and hormones and needs than we do so it's just nonsense to think you can "train like a beast" and look like a curvalicious female. I trained like a dude for years and result of that was no waist bulked up rectangle torso. If your goal is an hourglass then avoid all that bodybuilder chic stuff like it's a virus because once the core spreads it takes even longer to shrink it down to a more hourglass shape.

Below are the exercises in today's hot for the holidays video. You may recognize some of these from previous workouts. If you're not dancing it out like I am then 6-10 reps of each move 2-3 times works really well. If you're going to dance it out then just pick 2-3 songs and repeat taking breaks when you need them.

crouching lunge
forward fold over
crounching lunge
kneeling side plank leg lift
plank swivel knee in
single arm tabletop backbend
squat jump

Here is where I got my inspiration for this fun dance circuit. The first few routines are my absolute favorites!!

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