top 5 mistakes & secrets to your best body ever

by monica

So according to a couple of people, giving away the quick fatloss guide is the worst mistake I'm making which got me thinking about the top mistakes that women make that prevent them from getting their best body ever.

It was kind of hard to narrow down the long list of mistakes that women make when they attempt to makeover their body (I made plenty of these mistakes too, in case you're wondering)...

but we finally pinpointed the absolute worst mistakes most women make and they are actually quite simple to fix with 5 secret tips that nobody else on any other site ever seems to address.

So I decided to fix MY big mistake and switch out the quick fatloss guide for a new shorter guide that shows women the top 5 secrets to fixing these mistakes so they can start getting their best body ever in one week meaning you will SEE visible results in just one week then you can keep going from there.

This guide will be free and will be available only to subscribers and will be replacing Your BFF Quick Fatloss Guide which is actually a 4 week workout plan that includes a sample meal plan so if you want both guides be sure to subscribe now while the current guide is still available.

The new guide is going to be a short 7 page quick fix guide that you can use for one week to jump start your body makeover and the results are going to blow you away.

I have personally downloaded tons of free guides from dozens of other women's sites and have NEVER been impressed or helped by any of them.

So my goal is to do what I do for my clients in 7 days in a 7 page guide which is to GET VISIBLE RESULTS THAT WOW them so they get super motivated and keep training consistently. Ambitious? Yes!...but I'm pretty sure I can do it and that you're going to love the visible results and motivation boost too.

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more details coming next month. By the way the pic above is from my other site and is a hint about the #1 mistake. Can you guess what it is?

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May 22, 2013
my guess
by: liz

Is is not training for your body type?

May 23, 2013
great guess
by: monica

Great guess Liz and thanks for posting but believe it or not that is not the worst mistake. It's actually possible to get some kind of results even if you're training wrong for your body type.

I think the answer is going to shock a lot of women. My clients are always pretty surprised by this too.

Another hint is coming in my 20 min. bodycon workout video which is going to be private so be sure to subscribe to newsletter if you want to watch it and do the workout with me. I'm filming it in a bit. Narrating the whole thing later tonight and uploading and sending out a link tomorrow.

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