Get Your Slim Thighs with The Best Lean Toned Legs Exercise Tips for Your Female Body

Are you struggling to get slim thighs even though you do squats, lunges, step ups, leg lifts, run, sprint, walk, or do various types of cardio machines or other gm machines? 

Getting lean toned legs like a dancer requires a more graceful creative approach that both strengthens and lengthens your legs (see video for example) but don't worry it's simple and fun and will get you visible results that will amaze you. 

This is exactly the lean toned sex legs solution any woman needs when heavy weight training or machines are bulking up your thighs or if you're on a plateau from your current leg routine.

Circuits of 380 lb on the leg press, 110 lb on leg curl machine and 110 lb on leg extension machine 110 lb barbell sqauts and 135 lb deadlifts NEVER got me lean toned legs only complex movement has.

1.  Why basic squats, lunges, and cardio eventually stop working - If you're a complete beginner then the basics combined into fast paced circuits are all you really need to lose leg fat and get slim thighs but if you've been exercising for a while your body has already adapted to the basics so you need to keep making your exercises more complex in order to continue transforming your body.

2.  Where you are with your body determines how you train - See it's your progress that should guide you along the path to slimmer thighs and lean toned legs.  Remember that the fitter you get the more dynamic your exercises must become otherwise your body just plateaus and stays on that plateau forever.  Video here shows example of dynamic movement patterns for slim thighs lean toned legs.  Full circuit coming very soon.

3.  How the more is better myth is bulking up your thighs - But more dynamic doesn't mean more weight or more reps or more leg workouts.  More dynamic means more challenging movement patterns that your body is not used to and that target various areas of fitness other than strength including agility, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, etc. 

If your leg exercises are only targeting strength and endurance then your legs are not going to work at their full potential and you will still struggle with thick bulky thighs.  Just look at dancers legs and the movement patterns that dancers do and you will see the connection.  Video here shows example of leg exercises that target agility, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, etc.

4.  Who does need to be using more weight and When to skip the weights - There are some women who can benefit from using more weight with their leg circuits and these are generally people who have virtually no lean muscle in the legs.   Building some lean muscle will help you burn fat and firm up your entire lower body but if you have all the muscle you need then more weight isn't more better.  More movement patterns at a faster pace is going to be a much better solution for you.

5.  What body type fitness tips will get your unique body results - Of course all of the above tips depend a lot on your body type and body shape goals too.  Some rulers and cones might want to build more leg muscle to balance a wide upper body and some might not need anymore because they have enough leg muscle from years of sports or dance or other activities.  Some women regardless of body type may want to get rid of muscle (just like I did) to look more proportionate and this is totally possible when you focus more on the complex exercises vs. more of the basics with more weight. 

There are also some pyramid and hourglass types who are new to weight training and who can afford to add some lean muscle to help burn the fat and lose the flab but these two body types genetically tend to bulk from the waist down so a moderate amount of weight goes a long way for both.  Remember than any goal can be accomplished with the right amount of weight training, with the right weight, speed, and exercise choices.  It does require some thinking on your part but the results are worth it!