Curve & tone butt without fad booty workouts or dangerous butt exercises

Want to curve and tone butt without resorting to high impact jumps, kettlebell pistol circus acts, ridiculous donkey booty workout moves or twerk team routines?   Getting a sexy curvalicious butt and body doesn't have to be crazy or complicated it just takes a smarter workout approach that actually helps you maintain your best butt for life.

Curve & tone butt solution #1:  booty powers activate!

One of the top issues that my female clients as well as women who stop by this site have is thunder thighs flat butt syndrome.  This problem is rampant and caused by lazy butt syndrome (glute muscle motor amnesia) which means that your butt is dysfunctional and your thighs do all the work when you're doing booty workouts.  

The worst thing is the more hardcore booty exercise you do when you have dysfunctional glutes, the flatter your butt will get and the more bulky your thighs will get.  Best solution when your butt is slacking is to get busy with glute activation exercises.

Curve & tone butt solution #2:  Get dead sexy booty

The stiff leg deadlift is a killer butt exercise for sculpting a round firm curvy toned booty and there are dozens and dozens of versions of this effective butt exercise that you can do.  Unlike a regular deadlift that uses the thighs to help you lift weight off the floor, the stiff leg deadlift targets the entire posterior chain including upper back, low back, deep abdominals, butt, hamstrings and even calves.   

This means better posture, more glute activation and glute muscle recruitment, a stronger healthier back, plus more core activation which means a smaller waist and flatter abs that make your booty appear more curvy.  

All BFF workout routines and many circuits that I film include some type of deadlift with dumbbells or bodyweight or a ball and even with straps.  The one featured here is from bodycon female fitness plan and includes a row and reverse lunge overhead press which burns tons of fat and also targets the upper body.  

If you don't need much fat burning and are looking to mainly target the booty stick with single leg deadlifts like the ones in Love Your Booty plan and in body by burlesque video here.

Need to learn how to deadlift correctly?  Be sure to get started with the core ab workout which includes a core activation exercise with a ball that teaches you how to bend from the hips while activating the core so you really work the glutes and avoid back injury.

Curve & tone butt solution #3:  get off your assets

If you are literally busting your butt with hardcore booty exercises for 20-30 minutes several days a week then sitting on your assets the rest of the day then you're never going to get your best butt ever regardless of how beast mode your workouts are.

Sitting is your butt's worst enemy.  It tightens your hip flexors which alters your posture and reverses all that hard booty work.  Worst of all it creates a constant struggle between bubble booty and flat butt syndrome that makes your body tense and stressed.  Sitting has also been found to reduce your daily calorie burn by 1500-2000 calories per day. 

And if all that wasn't bad enough sitting messes with circulation as well as fat metabolism which makes it difficult to keep your booty cellulite free. The truth is you don’t have to train like a beast or a donkey as long as you train smarter and increase daily calories burned with N.E.A.T.

Curve & tone butt solution #4:  Become a band groupie

Booty bands are amazing not only because they make your butt work hard but there are countless exercises you can do with them from side lying glute activation moves to leg lifts to walking, leaping, even dancing.  They are one of the most affordable and versatile fitness tools you can have and best of all they can also target your deep abdominals and provide a fun cardio workout.  

The video here shows a great way to use them to target the booty core and legs.  This exercise also burns fat improves cardio endurance balance coordination and agility. 

Curve & tone butt solution #5:  cinch your waist   

Not sure if you've noticed but two of the previous tips have mentioned butt exercises that target your deep abdominals or what I like to call the corset muscles.  

Why is smart waist training crucial for a better butt?  Because the more you cinch your waist the curvier your butt looks which is key for those of us who were not born with a huge booty.

Smart waist exercises that strip fat off your core and strengthen your deep abs, naturally cinch your waist making your toned butt look even curvier and sexier.  So in your quest for your best butt try not to neglect your corset core, fat burning or upper body workouts that can also enhance your assets.  

The exercise in the video here is a great example of a core move that cinches the waist burns fat and also targets the booty.  It's from body by burlesque fitness plan available for ybff newsletter subscribers.

Is there a best butt workout plan?

The fitness industry is experiencing a bigger booty craze of epic proportions right now so of course there are dozens of self-proclaimed butt gurus claiming to have THE "best butt workout" for all women. Just one quick search on amazon for butt workouts and you'll find:

  • Booty Bootcamp
  • Bootylicious Buns
  • Buns of Steel
  • Butt Bible
  • 10 Minute Butt Lift
  • 30 Day Butt Lift
  • Donkey Booty Workout
  • Killer Buns & Thighs
  • Rock Bottom & Best Assets
  • Supermodel Butt & Thighs
  • Yoga Booty Ballet
  • and so many others

The problem with these workouts is they provide a one size fits all approach which you already know is not the best way to get your unique booty shape the best results.  

If you are tired of fad butt workouts and are ready to invest in a butt workout plan make sure it's one that allows you to customize to your unique booty issues.  I highly recommend Brazil Butt Lift which I used and reviewed.  It is customizable to your booty type and goal. 

If you’re not a DVD follower you can also try my Love Your Booty plan which includes quick video tutorials as well as ebook with printouts and a workout schedule you can customize to your booty shape and goal.