Exercises and tips for bigger breasts naturally

If you have a realistic goal of boosting your bust by a cup size then these tips for bigger breasts will help you accomplish that quickly and safely.  If on the other hand, you're hoping to go from an A cup to D cup then there isn't much that can be done naturally regardless of all the false claims you've heard about from unscrupulous marketers selling pills, creams and other scam breast enhancement products.  

According to various hormone experts, any pill or cream potent enough to increase your bust size considerably would also cause cancer cell growth which is why the FDA only approves breast enhancement products with negligible amounts of breast enhancement hormones that do nothing but waste your time and money.  

So the only way to really go from an A cup to C or D cup is with surgery.  Now if that's not something you're willing to do then just get started with the realistic boost your bust tips below that will also improve your self esteem so you can finally stop worrying about not being born busty.

Exercises and diet tips for bigger breasts naturally

Switch up boost your bust exercises - Remember that there's no such thing as the best exercise for anything.  All exercises that target an area where you want more volume work, as long as your body has not adapted to them.  If you watched my previous get bigger breasts naturally video then you'll notice that the exercises are slightly different than the ones in this newer boost your bust video.  

They all work it's just a matter of focusing on the ones that challenge your chest muscles more so don't be afraid to experiment with exercises from both videos or to replace chest exercises from other ybff circuits with these chest exercises.  Your body will respond best to what feels most challenging to you.

Manipulate your macronutrient ratios - Speaking of experimenting with things don't be afraid to experiment with your carb protein and fat intake.  Even if you know your metabolic type and you're eating in a way that is most beneficial to your metabolic body type, it's o.k. to increase or decrease calories of carbs proteins and fats to see how your body responds.  If you're trying to grow muscle in an area you may benefit from more or less of something and you won't know until you try it. 

For example I'm a carb type so my protein intake is not that high but when I start a new fitness routine I often increase my protein a bit and decrease my carbs a bit to see if my body will respond faster.  After a few weeks I go back to a way of eating that feels more natural to me (less protein more carbs).  It's your body so don't be afraid to try new things and to do what feels right for you.

Relaxing tips for bigger breasts naturally

Keep chest muscle firm but soft - One of the most important things you can do for your body if you're trying to build muscle in an area is increase blood flow and mobility to that area.  Self massage is really great for that and especially helpful in the chest area where you want your chest firm but not rock hard like a man's chest. 

The quick video in my stress management article shows a few self massage techniques that you can use on recovery days to relieve chest muscle soreness and increase blood flow to the chest for muscle growth.  These quick and simple massage exercises will also keep your chest muscles from getting tight and hard plus reinforce correct posture for a firm lifted bust without all the hardness you typically see in manly looking bodybuilder chics. 

Expand your chest with yoga - Another way to keep your chest muscles strong but supple is to add chest friendly yoga poses to your weekly routine.  Poses like updog, mermaid, bow pose, camel, wild thing, and back bends expand the chest, improve breathing, mobility and flexibility plus improve posture so you don't end up with forward shoulder rotation that can make your chest look collapsed, deflated and saggy. 

Yoga poses that open up the chest are also really great for improving self esteem and body image because they open you up to love and to receiving good things in your life.  Remember that self love is the key to better health a better body and a better life too.

Sports bra tips for bigger breasts naturally

Limit your use of compression sports bras - If you're a B cup or smaller and your workout does not involve any high impact activities then skip those horrible uniboob contraptions that limit range of motion, contribute to forward shoulder rotation and flatten your smaller chest.   Instead wear yoga tops with a non compression shelf support like the Lucy, Prana, Bebe or Adidas tops I wear in my workout videos (pic here).  

You can also just wear a regular mesh back bra that doesn't flatten your boobs.  I have a great one by gap that stays dry and is very comfortable.   If you want your chest to start looking fuller you need to allow it to move freely when you train and sports bras don't let your chest expand at all.  I've experimented with many brands and they're all terrible for mobility which is why you only see me wearing sports bras when I'm doing higher impact circuits.