tighter skin more toned body and less bodyfat tip

by monica

How do I tighten loose skin, get a more toned body and lose more bodyfat? These are all questions that you get asked often by new clients who either need to lose 20-60 pounds of weight and by clients who need to lose just 5-10% bodyfat.

These are questions I wondered myself when I was trying to lose 30 lb of baby weight and get my bodyfat from 32% down to 24% then later when I was trying to drop my bodyfat from 24% to 18%. The answer to these questions is a simple one but one that I didn't know before I became a trainer and even during my first 2 years training dozens of men and women.

This is only something I learned after 3-4 years of experience training older women and men with really stubborn fat that was primarily caused by hormone imbalances due to stress, poor quality diet and poor health habits.

See hormones control EVERYTHING in your body. They are the programs that run your body and control everything from appetite to metabolic rate to fat burning to lean muscle mass and bone density, tissue repair, hair growth, breast growth, sex drive and so much more! The hormones listed below are just a few of the ones I explained in Corset Core Hourglass Waist and as complex as the body appears there are 3 basic things you can do to maintain hormonal balance for optimum health, fitness, fatloss, and a lean toned sexy body.

Growth Hormone (HGH)
Thyroid hormones (triiodothyronine and thyroxine)

I'm guessing you want to know what those 3 things are? 1. quality of food you eat 2. balanced workout plan that boost fatloss hormones AND reduces stress hormones 3. healthy habits like getting enough sleep, enjoyable stress management activities, etc.

When I was younger I used to only focus on the fat burning workout and the calorie/carb cutting but over the years I've learned that getting a client (or my own body) to burn more and look more toned is easier when you focus on health first.

This is the reason I recommend you drink green superfoods smoothies every morning and the reason I try to eat greens and veggies at most meals. It's the reason I urge you to do mobility before workouts, stretch after workouts and enjoy restorative workouts too. It's the reason I enjoy an easy walk or a fun hike outdoors and try to get my rest and minimize my stress too.

I promise you that if you just focus more on what makes you healthy and less on being all hardcore with your workouts you will GET BETTER FASTER RESULTS from your time spent exercising.

This is of course advice for women NOT looking to get ripped. If that is your goal then I know very little about figure training other than it takes monumental effort, pain, stress, obsessive compulsive dieting and it's not a very healthy or fun way to live full time.

So the answer to the original questions above is balanced hormones due to healthy lifestyle. It's what works for real women who just want to achieve their best body without struggling or obsessing every waking moment about exercise and diet.

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