Three body types issues & training tips + success quotes and  power play workout video

Focusing on balancing your body shape is more effective for getting a sexy figure than focusing on trouble zones.  When you address what is right about your body to create more balance you get a sexy body shape easily.   Below are 3 workout tips and quotes plus 3 common body shape issues and a new circuit video that ties it all together so you can feel empowered to get the results you want from your time spent exercising. 

the three body types trouble zones respond best to the right repetition...

Notice in my new power play circuit video below how I'm only doing 5 reps of each move and I recommend as few as 2 rounds and as many as 5 rounds.  The reason for this is that more reps of certain exercises can create more of the body shape proportions you already have.   So for instance if you don't have much of a waist and you tend to have wider shoulders then doing more sets of plank gliding knee-in + abduction as well as rollover straddle thrusts can thicken the core more. 

This is the reason I personally don't do a ton of reps of this type of movement.  A little bit of core focused work goes a long way for rulers and cone body types.  An hourglass and triangle on the other hand can afford to do more plank and core work so always keep YOUR body shape goals in mind when choosing reps sets weight and time.

variety within routine is key to three body types trouble zones most women complain about...

One of the most important skills you'll ever learn on this site is how to practice workout routine consistency while still enjoying a little bit of workout variety.  Knowing how to keep things interesting and new while staying consistent to your body type routine is key to getting and maintaining results and this is easy to do when you see exercises as movement patterns and not as muscle isolating moves. 

This is the reason I called this video the power play circuit because it combines the power of consistency with the fun of variety.  So for example if you've been on corset core hourglass waist plan for a few weeks and one of the circuits you've been doing is starting to feel too easy or you just need some variety in your routine then you can substitute any other circuit from ybff YouTube channel that has similar movement patterns.  It's all a matter of identifying the movements.  The power play circuit is easy to figure out and includes: squat, lunge, press, twist, row, bend and cardio so all 7 movement patterns are present so it's a total body circuit. 

three body types issues most common among women are easily solved with adaptability...

If you've been watching my videos for a while now then you know that the 4 moves in this new video are super versatile and can be modified endless ways to your unique body shape goals.  If you need to burn more fat and maintain some curves for example then adding a jumping jack to each single leg squat and a jump squat to the rollover straddle squat plus lunging at a faster pace without weight can turn this into a more fat blasting workout. 

If you need to build a bigger booty and slim the waist more you could add a 20 lb sandbell to the laterel lunge and eliminate the press.  You could also skip the lunge hop and instead do alternating lateral lunge to overhead press as you come back to center.  

If you need to slim your thighs but maintain your naturally defined waist and build more upper body to balance out a generous booty you could lose the gliding discs and instead do a multi-directional  lunge with knee-in hop.  You could also do  a medicine ball rollover to overhead ball press jumping jack instead.  There are countless ways to modify to make a circuit work for you.  If you need help figuring this out be sure to get started with ybff workout routines.