there is no such thing as a perfect body perfect diet or workout

by monica

Are you obsessed with getting the "perfect body" or eating the perfect diet for a certain body shape. As Salvador Dali said perfection is unattainable so why waste time on it!

Besides don't you have better things to do than to constantly obsess about getting the perfect boob cup, getting perfectly sculpted lean toned arms and legs, getting a perfect butt, ripped abs, hourglass waist, or ideal weight, bodyfat percentage, pant size, level of muscularity or worst of all obsessing over how much you can lift, how "hardcore" you can train, or how perfectly "clean" you can eat.

It's one thing to want to improve your body, fitness level, and healthy habits but it's another to constantly focus on all the little things that are only a small part of who you really are.

Aristotle was right when he stated that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." because you are so much more than just a bunch of body numbers and so much more than the way you look. Your intelligence, sense of humor, personality, experiences, and relationships are just a few more things that make up who you are and it's just shallow to think that the only thing that matters is how much weight you can lift, how big a booty you can build, and how good you are at depriving yourself of certain foods for a certain body type.

If you're not happy with the way your body looks don't focus all your energy on changing what you hate and turning yourself into something that you're not. It won't make you happy and it can harm your health and your self esteem even more; read Lisa Marie's post about breast reduction over at dailyhitt if you need a dose of body hate reality.

By the way, most women who get boob augmentation still hate their bodies and continue to obsess about body perfection. According to new research findings "women who get cosmetic breast implants are three times as likely to commit suicide as other women" just like personal trainer Laura P. who wasted her precious time, energy and money that could be better spent on living a truly happy inspiring life that doesn't revolve around looks.

Instead of hating your body like Lisa Marie or all those other silly girls on youtube and trying to completely change your body to fit societies CURRENT standards of beauty focus on becoming a better WOMAN in every aspect of your life (not just in the shallow looks department).

The results you get when you obsess about becoming a better human being will amaze you and improve both your female figure and your female body image in ways you never imagined.

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