the best waist training corsets for vintage figures

by monica

Got a vintage figure with 10 inch or greater difference between waist and hip measurement? What fit issues to consider when looking at waist training corsets plus 4 curvy hourglass figure corsets that can work for your vintage body curves...

As Lucy from Lucy's Corsetry recently explained in a video waist training is not for the impatient. These are the 4 corsets I'm researching heavily for waist training to 22" waist. Posting full article about it but thought I would give you a sneak peek and an idea of price differences and fit issues with current corset. From top left clockwise:

1. What Katie Did - Morticia corset $275 not recommended for heavy duty waist training but plenty of women do use them for that purpose and can work for me since I don't plan on wearing 8 hours a day. Only recommended for vintage figures with 10 inch or greater difference between waist and hip measurements. Uncertain of ribcage fit on this one.

2. Restyle - Wide Hip Matt Hourglass corset $42GBP may be the best fit for somebody like me who has a waist that's 10" smaller than hips but may not work for wider ribcages need to do more research on this but this is a great price compared to the others because of the pounds to dollars conversion.

3. Timeless Trends - Long Underbust Frisky Femme corset $120 (with Hourglass Angel corset discount: 10FALL good on all corsets thru Oct. 23) could solve my current issues with hip pinching but not sure if will accommodate wider ribcage.

4. Isabella Corsetry - Josephine Underbust $166 on sale also great for those with very curvy waist to hip ratio. Considered one of the best for curvy figures and for waist training. Can also be made to order to your exact measurements for $235.

So one of the most surprising things I've discovered since buying and breaking in my first steel boned corset is that I have a vintage figure. I had been told before by a few people but never really believed them because I do have a wide ribcage and have always seen myself as a ruler body. The main consideration if you have a waist that is 10"+ smaller than your hips is a corset that has plenty of curve on the hips so you don't end up with hip pain or numbness while corseting. This is the main issue I'm having with my current corset which was not really purchased for waist training anyway.

The other consideration is your ribcage. If you have a more athletic upper back or wider ribcage like I do then a corset that is NOT conical is going to work better because it will cup the ribs instead of squeeze them. Lucy's Corsetry has tons of tutorials and guides if you need help with your first corset purchase.

If you are considering waist training my advice is to get your waist down to it's natural healthy measurement with hourglass eating and corset core exercise first THEN waist train not the other way around. More in new article coming next month : )

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