tabletop flat stomach smaller waist exercises and secrets

by monica

tabletop exercises flatten your abs and shrink your waist fast!

tabletop exercises flatten your abs and shrink your waist fast!

One of the best ways to get to a flat stomach and a smaller waist is to get busy with tabletop exercises and some smart kitchen table tips.

Did you know that a stronger back and booty can help you flatten your abs faster? There are actually dozens of muscle groups that work with all your ab muscles to shrink your waist and pull in your abs. Some of the most important ones are your postural muscles including your lats, rear deltoids and glutes.

When your posterior chain muscles are weak your shoulders hunch forward, your chest collapses, your low back and butt flattens which causes your deep abs to weaken or become inhibited (that means dormant or non-functional).

Not only does this set you up for painful low back and hip injuries it also makes it virtually impossible to get a flat stomach and a smaller waist.

One of the best exercises that works your core while strengthening all those postural muscles is the tabletop and all table variations. Get started with any of the ones featured in the pic or video: basic table, single leg table, single arm table w/twist, single arm single leg table, revolving table or revolving to single leg down dog or revolving to single leg downdog sit thru

Table top exercise tip: Squeeze shoulder blades together, contract glutes and core as you lift and do not allow your legs to spread apart as you lift into table. Use yoga block or ball if you need it to keep those knees from splaying out. If your legs spread apart that means you are using your inner thighs and not your back/butt/core to do the exercise and the tabletop won't get you the results you want.

You may also want to follow these kitchen table secrets for even faster results:

1. Eat less than your husband, boyfriend, male friends, teenage sons/brothers. You're a woman and you don't need anywhere near the amount of calories men do. Remember that controlling calories and portions is a must for getting flatter abs and a smaller waist.

2. Make most of your meals at home and make an effort to make them look as good as restaurant meals. According to weight loss experts putting effort into making beautiful and delicious looking meals satisfies your sense of sight/smell/touch which prevents overeating because you are satisfying ALL your senses.

3. Follow the 80% rule of healthy eating: # meals per day x 7 = # meals per week then multiply # meals per week x 80% = # of meals per week that need to be super clean.

4. Don't force yourself to eat a meal if you're not hungry. Eating fewer meals per day will actually help you burn up stored fat and use it as fuel for daily activities. More on 6 meals vs. 3 meals a day in this article: fast fat loss

5. Place a mirror in your dining area to control portions. According to experts being able to see yourself eating helps you control portions and also helps you eat at a slower pace which boost digestion/fat burning. If a mirror isn't possible take pics of your meals like I do and use an app to determine if you're portions are just right or too big.

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