fun Summer workout options

Summer is a great time to explore different types of workouts that are not convenient at other times of the year. If a more relaxed schedule and better weather conditions are driving you to seek more exciting exercise options, the summer workout options below will make your summer for fun.

7 summer workout options that make warm weather fitness more fun!

Adventure Sports - 1.  Indoor rock climbing, 2.  cycling and 3.  paddling are all great ways to get or stay fit during summer and you don’t need a ton of time to get out there and try any of it. The best way to get started is to take a weekend class to learn basics then practice on your own or with others who have done it before to improve your skills. Learning a new skill will work your muscles in a totally different way and inspire you train smarter.  

I've tried both the local rock climbing gym and kayaking in San Diego as well as Lake Powell Utah and got a killer upper body/core workout with both activities and best of all it didn't even feel like exercise. 

4.  Water Exercises are a great way to burn calories and fat, heal nagging injuries, and increase endurance. You can do them at the pool, lake, or beach and the best way to burn more calories and fat is to incorporate intervals. Choose 10 exercises that you can perform in a circuit then do each for 50-60 seconds and repeat two more times for an amazing 30 minute workout.

Try 30 seconds of all the following exercises: pool jogging, pool side pushups, water shadow boxing, and jump to knee tucks then repeat 10 times then finish up with 10 minutes of laps.  You can also do your usual circuit workout then finish up with 10 minutes of laps in the pool.   Check out Fantastic Water Workouts - 2nd Edition for more ideas.

5.  Outdoor Park Workouts - Here in the hot-as-hell desert it's impossible to train outdoors during summer but if you live in a city where the temps don't go above 79 degrees then a park workout is fun and a great way to challenge your body in a different way.  Below is a fatloss circuit that I filmed years ago in San Diego CA while I my son was busy at computer camp at UCSD.  

This park was so amazing and just a few miles from the hotel where we were staying.  There was actually 2 bootcamps training there the two days that I went there to film and they looked like they were having as much fun training outdoors as I was. 

6.  Circus Arts - If you’re looking to break out of a boring fitness rut then aerial arts will take your fitness to another level. More and more dance studios and gymnastics gyms are offering circus classes for adults where you can learn how to dance on a trapeze, silks, ropes, bungees, and more.

If you’ve ever fantasized about joining Cirque du Soleil you will get a rush from this type of class and you will build strength you never new you had. I've taken aerial trapeze several times during the summer and it was a blast.  I wrote an entire article about aerial dance if you want to learn more.

one more summer workout option for cool places

7.  Hiking - As many of you know from the multitude of hiking pics I post on facebook I am a hiking fanatic.  Unfortunately it's too hot to hike here in the summer which is why we always wrap up our hiking with one last summer hiking adventure trip somewhere cooler.  

We've hiked in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Hawaii and California in late May or early June and the weather in those states is beautiful for hiking.  This year we're headed to Vancouver Canada and will be enjoying hikes in temps that to us will probably feel like winter.  So if you live in a cool place, get outdoors and hike!  it's a great intervals type summer workout that is excellent for burning off stubborn fat.