hot summer body diet tips

You may have read that staying lean or losing weight in the summer is easier because you tend to eat more produce, less comfort foods and are more active outdoors but the reality is that hot weather months have just as many weight gain pitfalls as cold winter months do.  

Summer months here in America include holidays like memorial day, father's day, independence day, weddings, vacations, getaways, plus many outdoor music, beer, wine and food festivals too!  If you tend to have trouble maintaining or losing during warm weather months the simple summer body diet tips below will help you stay hot through fall.

simple summer body diet tips to keep your body hot through fall

Don't Take a Vacation from Healthy Habits - Summer months may involve vacations and getaways and more leisure activities but this does not mean you should take time off from your healthy habits too. As one of my favorite fat loss experts likes to say "health and fitness is not a 12 week program". Try to stick with your healthy habits daily even if you're on vacation or going to an event. Not only will this help you maintain your hot body for life it will also keep you energized for all those fun summer activities.

Limit Alcohol to Reduce Stress Hormones - Summer celebrations may involve plenty of refreshing alcohol calories but indulging in too much wine, beer, or mixed drinks boosts fat storing hormones like cortisol and reduces fat burning hormones like testosterone and HGH. If you're going to indulge in alcohol then keep it to a 2 drink minimum 2-3 times a week. According to fatloss experts even this much alcohol can stall or prevent weight loss and fat loss so if you're not at maintenance level yet be sure to limit alcohol intake even more.

Plan and/or Earn Your Cheats - If your summer involves various parties or special events where all types of decadent food and drinks will be served be sure you plan or earn your cheats. Workout hard BEFORE your cheat so your body does not store fat or as I like to say "earn it don't try to burn it". You should also limit your number of cheats and the amount of the cheat food or drink.

Remember that exercise can not undo thousand of calories of damage and you can only workout so many hours per day. When feeling tempted ask yourself if you earned those calories and if is it worth the muffin top or cellulite that comes with those tasty treats.