9 non-exercise stress relief ideas to boost energy mood metabolism & health

Stress!  it's one of those things that seems to rear it's ugly head just as you start to make some really great progress with your body goals or even your life goals.  It messes with your healthy eating, your energy levels, your workouts and is a big warning sign that maybe you need some self care.  

Need to relieve stress without adding more activity to your already super active life?  These 9 non-exercise stress relief ideas  will help you de-stress and help you along your healthy lifestyle journey so you can reach your body and life goals with less pain, anxiety and frazzled nerves.  Best of all these 9 ideas are fun quick and easy...  

creative stress relief ideas

Coloring books - If you follow me on fb then you probably saw a recent post about my awesome animal coloring book.  This activity isn't fun for everybody but for those of us who move a lot and create a lot throughout the day this can be like taking a mind body muscle relaxer or like mindless meditation.  Cost for endless hours of stress relief $10-$15

Journaling of all kinds - Are you an over-thinker, a worrier, an over-analyzer  or somebody who judges yourself and others quite harshly?  Writing is probably one of the best options for you!  Not only is it cathartic helping you get those thoughts out of your brain it also makes you accountable for negative thinking or negative self imagine.

Art projects - Like creating arts and crafts is a really fun way to disconnect from the daily drama that stresses you out.  The only exception to this might be if you're a total perfectionist who has to control every detail and gets upset when things don't turn out exactly as planned.  If this is you keep going down the list.  If not then check out the hilarious Pinterest test channel that shows how super stress relieving ruining things can be.  "This ain't your mommas DIY channel" hahaha

slightly physical stress relief ideas

Dancing for with your pet - This is by far one of my favorite activities not only because pets love you unconditionally and don't judge your silly antics but also because furry creatures are soothing.  In the video here I was dancing with my sisters dog to relieve the stress of pet sitting my father's dog who was not as cool as this furry beast.  Not into cats or dogs?   Hug a snake like I did in this pic.  They're pretty relaxing too.  Got your own unusual stress relief ideas?  Post them for me on fb or instagram!! 

Library field trip - When was the last time you just wasted an afternoon at the library searching for random books to look at?  Even if you only browse the magazines or videos the library has a calming effect because it's generally quiet and peaceful like a church but with tons of books. 

Breathing exercises - Of all the techniques listed this might be the most effective which is why I wrote an entire article about it a while back.  Learn all kinds of great breathing exercises for stress relief here!

conscientious stress relief ideas

Listening! - How present you are in your every day conversations can also be a huge way to relieve stress because any time you can focus on every single detail of the now the past and the future cease to exist which is great because both are often the cause of so much unnecessary stress!

Random Act of Kindness - One of the fastest and easiest ways to feel better is to make somebody else feel amazing.   Just paying somebody a compliment or offering to help somebody with a chore or calling somebody you know is stressed and offering help will help you focus on doing good which makes you a better person which feels great.

Prayer or meditation - Sitting quietly in a peaceful place such as a garden, a church when there is no service or even in an empty bathtub or your walk in closet (if those are the only place you can sneak away to) is incredibly calming.  Focus   just 3-5 min. on your breathing or on a mantra or a prayer you know.  Just taking a moment to connect to your own kind of spirituality can make a world of difference on your stress levels.