stressors that prevent fat burning and block your best body results

by monica

If training hard and eating healthy were the only requirements for a leaner fitter sexier body then most women would get their dream body without any setbacks and keep it that way. Unfortunately the reality is that many other factors can affect whether your body burns fat or where your body hangs on to stubborn fat, whether your body is able to add lean muscle where desired or loses muscle in an attempt to rid itself of stress on the metabolic system. In addition to health and fitness, stress factors can also impact your mindset and motivation very negatively making it even harder to eat right and exercise consistently!

The impact that the stressors pictured above have on the body is something that wasn't very clear to me when I first started working with clients so it was difficult to understand why a client's body was not responding when they were following their workout and eating plan to the letter. As the years went by and I encountered my own issues with this and was forced to learn that there is more to health and fitness than just exercise and diet.

Just this week one of my clients asked to speak with me about all the terrible side effects from cancer cell medications she's taking. The toll these meds are taking on her physically mentally and emotionally is so high she barely had the energy to make it to the gym. Now imagine what would happen if I just ignored this and pushed her to the breaking point. Her body would not only NOT burn fat it would just break down completely. So instead of strength training with weights and doing machine cardio intervals to burn fat which has been her goal all along we now have to focus on other ways to get her body at optimum to avoid.

Now even if you are just recovering from an injury like I am doing right now the recovery process can be exhausting and stressful enough that it begins to diminish your ability to exercise with intensity, recover quickly, maintain muscle, burn fat, and many other functions that are required to have the body shape you prefer. This is something even I noticed this past week.

Luckily there are plenty of solutions to all this including scaling back your training a bit as well as taking supplements to combat the stress. The right type of supplement that can help bring your metabolism and energy production back into balance can make all the difference in the world when your body is overloaded with any of the stressors pictured above.

Some all natural ones I've found and have used in the past that work really well are Thyrolyn Glycozyn and Recovery Formula. I recently decided to start taking these again to help my neck rehab faster to boost energy and to prevent my metabolism from slowing down which is very common when injured. These metabolic support supplements are available from Defense Nutrition which I've mentioned before in my article on overcoming adrenal fatigue.

These supplements support your thyroid, boost energy, metabolism and recovery too. I highly recommend them if you're dealing with any of the stress factors pictured above. I'll be writing a more detailed review on these soon.

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