stadium stair workout + park workout options & tips

Spring and fall are my two favorite times of year to enjoy outdoor workouts that burn fat/calories and boost endurance.  The stadium stair workout featured here is great for those looking to supplement their booty training with more intense butt core and cardio work while the park workout options are great for anybody just looking to burn extra fat and calories on days off from ybff circuits.  

Not only are these outdoor workout routines fun they also relieve stress and boost vitamin D which is key to increased fat burning and better health.

stadium stair workout & tips

If you have a killer set of stairs or steps near your home then consider yourself lucky because it is one of the best ways to get some extra booty training and to improve lower body and core strength plus cardio endurance too.  Start with a 5 min. warmuproutine then perform 10-15 lunges on each leg followed by a sprint up the stairs and either walk or run down as shown in video.  

Continue another set of lunges and stair sprints then with 10-15 traveling squats switching legs half way followed by a sprint up the stairs and walk or run down as shown in video.  Take a 30-45 second break then repeat 1-2 more times and finish up with some stretching.  

If you have stairs in your home you can also do this stair workout indoors. Just switch to reverse lunges and alternating lateral squats instead and do two sets of stair sprints each time instead of just one.  I tried this in my home and it felt very similar. 

2 park workout options & tips

If your lower body can't handle a stair workout because you've already trained your booty/legs hard this week and you would prefer to get a total body fat burning workout then head to a beautiful park like the butterfly garden in video and choose 3-4 bodyweight exercises:  pushups, suspension trainer squat row or resistance band squat row, step ups and either do 3-4 rounds of those exercises back to back then follow it up with 4 minutes of sprints using any interval protocol from bodycon female fitness plan.  

If you prefer your outdoor workout to feel more like a moderate cardio day (like i do) then alternate your bodyweight exercises with sprinting or running or lunging and walking across a field as I showed and explained in video.  This is a great way to burn some extra fat and calories  on the weekend without over training all those muscles you worked hard with ybff circuits you did earlier in the week.  

1 more at home outdor workout option

Feel like training outdoors but not in the mood to drive to another location?  Just anchor a suspension trainer to a tree in your yard and get busy with a basic straps circuit.  

If you feel like making it more cardiovascular you can run around the block or jump rope after every circuit.  Aim for 3-4 total circuits of 3-4 exercises plus running or jumping for an effective total body fat burning outdoor workout.

Not sure what suspension trainer to buy?  Check out my WOSS suspension trainer review for more info about how the hot pink straps compare to the TRX and cost 1/5 the price.   If you have questions about either straps you can ask me right there on that blog post.