squeem waist cincher vs ann chery waist cincher comparison review & Sneakpeek of waist training corset

Not sure if waist cinchers are right for you or what brands work best?  This Squeem waist cincher vs Ann Chery waist cincher comparison review will help you decide if latex shapewear is a good match for your waist slimming goals plus provide you with additional waist slimming options that can help you reach your body makeover goals.

what is a waist cincher & why is it so popular again?

A waist cincher band provides powerful compression using a combination of power latex, flexi-boning, hook eye closures and cotton materials offering considerably more waist slimming than shapewear like Spanx, Wacoal, Maidenform, Flexees, etc. 

This type of latex waist cincher, which was originally patented in 1904 (pic here), is popular again for a variety of reasons including:  the corset diet, celebrity use and endorsement as well as steel bone waist training corsets commonly seen in burlesque, cosplay, steampunk, and renaissance fairs.   The fact that so many women are now using these types of products again as a method of waist slimming and weight loss is the reason I finally decided to test and review two of the top brands.

squeem waist cincher vs ann chery waist Cincher reviews & comparison

Two of the most popular waist cincher belts on the market are the Ann Chery and Squeem waist cincher but while they are completely different products intended for slightly different use, most women who purchase them use them to smooth belly fat bulges and create a more hourglass shaped waist. 

What These Products Claim They Do:  According to product descriptions both Squeem and Ann Chery claim to visibly reduce the waist instantly by 2-3 inches as well as boost weight loss.  Squeem also claims a permanent 1-4 inch loss in waist size in addition to weight loss due to compression when their band is worn 8-10 hours a day for 30 days.  Squeem also suggests their band improves posture, relieves back pain and conceals post pregnancy weight gain. 

Ann Chery does not make any permanent inch loss claims but does suggest their band increases thermal activity (sweating) and fat cell mobilization (fat burning) when worn to the gym or for walking or running which in turn aids in weight loss.

how much compression do you get at what cost from ann chery vs squeem waist cincher

After putting these waist cincher bands on the waist cinching effect was quite visible and exciting for me!  Since I've been exercising consistently for 30 years and my current body stats are:   height 5'4" weight 110 lb, bodyfat 18%, chest 33" waist 25.5" hips 35" it would not be a good idea for me to lose more weight or bodyfat.  

I have come to terms with the fact that I am a fit ruler body type which means that even though my waist is 10 inches smaller than my hips I can only sculpt slightly noticeable curves (which is better than no curves) regardless of the fact that my waist to hip ratio is very close to the  .7 waist to hip hourglass ratio

Wearing both bands created a very hourglass silhouette for my body type by reducing my waist considerably which in turn enhanced the size of my chest and booty.  The Squeem waist cincher reduced my waist to 23" while the Ann Chery reduced my waist to 24".  The picts here show the reductions as well as what my waist normally looks like when I'm having a great week as well as a not so great week (you know those weeks when your eating is way off or your pms hormones make you bloated).   But even though both these bands provide some serious waist cinching they feel quite different.   

In terms of comfort both bands have many pros and cons.  The Squeem waist cincher is easier to hook, feels soft, flexible, comfortable on and mainly compresses at the waist without much compression of the ribcage.  Unfortunately the Squeem caused me some migraine headaches after just 1 hour of wear at various times of day for 5 days in a row. 

The Ann Chery was incredibly difficult to hook, feels very rigid and compresses mostly at the lower ribcage creating what is known in corsetry as a conical waist plus a  very flat abs look.   

The Ann Chery did not compress as much at the natural waist like the Squeem waist cincher did but felt so tight around my lower ribs that I had some rib pain while wearing the Ann Chery and for hours after wearing  it for just 1 hour before or after workouts.  I did try exercising with this workout waist cincher but it was impossible to do any type of corset training exercises in it although it was quite a workout putting it on ha ha!

As far as thermal activation and sweating.  Neither band did any of that for me but as I've mentioned in some of my videos I tend to be cold even on 80 degree days so I may not be the best judge of sweat factor which in reality is a non-factor since sweating has absolutely NOTHING to do with weight loss or fat metabolism

would i recommend the ann chery or squeem waist cincher for waist slimming?

A couple of things I noticed while wearing these waist cincher bands is appetite suppression and more standing.  These bands are uncomfortable to sit in so I found myself standing even more than I already do throughout the day to avoid having to deal with the plastic flexi-boning digging into my ribs or waist.  Another thing I noticed is that I really loved my curvier sexier silhouette while wearing these bands. 

So if you're a woman who struggles with overeating, a sedentary lifestyle or low self esteem because of the way your waist or belly looks then I would definitely recommend you get a waist cincher band and wear it when you need to look better, control appetite or stand more.  It may improve your body image and habits sufficiently that you feel motivated to make more healthy lifestyle changes that will get even better results.

Disclosure:  I received these waist cinchers for review from Hourglass Angel.  I am never compensated for any product reviews and my opinions are 100% honest and unbiased.  Links to buy products are provided here as a courtesy and if you buy from me I make enough to afford a small cup of coffee not some fancy Loubouton heels. 

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who should avoid waist cincher bands?

If you are very fit, very active and eat a healthy diet like I do then I recommend you skip these compression bands.  These waist cinchers may cause you pain and may reverse your fitness efforts. 

If you already have a very lean toned body and you are more interested in reshaping your fit body type you are definitely better off with a body type fitness plan that trains your corset muscles to cinch in your waist naturally and maybe a sexy steel bone corset to cinch the waist more for special occasions. 

latex waist cincher band vs steel bone waist training corset

Wondering if there's any difference between waist cinchers and waist training corsets other than the hook eye vs. lacing closures? 

Both products look very similar but the main difference is in the boning so while cinchers rely on plastic bones that compresses but do not conform to your shape, waist training corsets rely on steel bones that do conform to your figure while they cinch the waist.

The other main difference is that waist cinchers are made of power latex to increase sweating which really has nothing to do with weight loss or fat metabolism.  Waist training corsets on the other hand are made from a variety of materials including cotton & cashmere, silk & satin, as well as leather. 

Pic here is the silk corset I ordered from Timeless Trends to wear to a steampunk convention and renaissance fair.  I also wrote an article about waist training and dancing with steel bone corsets if you want to learn more about that.