squat thrust vs burpee

When choosing bodyweight exercises to sculpt a lean toned body with sexy femenine curves the burpee always seems to be a go to move but the truth is that in a squat thrust vs burpee contest the squat thrust wins hands down for dozens of reasons and best of all it's more fun and easier for most women.  What you need to know about this killer sexy body move and some variations to get you going.

squat thrust vs burpee - the 2 main differences that makes All the difference

Want to know the 2 things that makes the burpee different to the squat thrust?  Landing quickly in a low pushup stance as you jump back then exploding into a high jump at the end.  Sounds simple but in reality most fitness experts can't even do this move correctly.  A proper burpee as taught in the military (example 3 in video here) requires you to squat down until your hands touch the floor then

jump and land in a low pushup stance close enough to quickly lay on the floor; very similar to the chaturanga from a yoga sun salutation.  Then you quickly jump high up in the air.  If you look closely there is zero pressing involved in a real burpee so it's mainly designed to challenges your cardio and lower body endurance plus places a high metabolic demand meaning it burns a ton of fat and calories.  

The way most youtube fitness gurus do burpees is they pause in the plank position before slowly doing a pushup then they jump the feet back in to squat then do a mini jump to standing.  This type of "burpee" is in fact no longer a burpee but a squat thrust with a slow controlled press (like my video below) which makes the exercise a strength move and no longer a metabolic conditioning move.  

Minor difference in movement huge difference in results

So what's the big deal?  Can't you do both and still get great body makeover results?  Well that depends what type of body you have and what type of body you're trying to get.  If you're fit but have a lot of fat to lose and also have average upper body strength (like I do and like most women do) then doing the slow "burpee" will slow you down and limit the fat and calories you burn during a workout.  

Basically if you're pushup is slowing you way down, like it's slowing me down in the sandbell squat thrust video above then you are no longer doing a metabolic fatloss workout but an upper body strength workout which is fine if you're weak and need to get stronger but not so great if you're already somewhat strong and just trying to reduce your bodyfat levels quickly.  

why the squat thrust & It's variations is superior for fatloss and a sexy figure

Not only does the squat thrust allow you to move quickly it can also be modified dozens of ways for increased fat burning, waist slimming and booty sculpting.  You can do it with a all types of fitness balls with gliding discs even with exercise straps or you can combine it with so many other movement patterns that turn up the burn and really challenge both your cardio and total body endurance without slowing you down so much that you lose out on fat burning.  

In the instagram videos here you can see a few more examples of awesome squat thrust variations from bodycon female fitness plan which is a rapid fatloss workout plan for women who want to get lean without bulking up the core or thighs or losing their boobs and butt.