speed up fitness results & body transformation with 3 unique tools

Need to speed up fitness results and make your body transformation a quick one?  Sticking to the right fitness routine and healthy eating plan is the best way to lose fat and get your lean toned sexy body fast but the three unique tools below can help speed things along.

speed up fitness results with a gratitude journal

A body makeover journey often involves all types of pitfalls, frustration, and setbacks. At times it can feel like you’re doing a lot of work for the smallest reward i.e. one less pound of scale weight lost, 1% body fat lost, or half an inch lost around your waist. It’s easy to get caught up in the big picture and forget about the tiny victories that will eventually add up to an impressive total body transformation.

gratitude journal can help you focus on all the good things that are happening to you each day in fitness or in life so that you stay positive even when body transformation gets difficult.  

I've actually been journaling since I was in 5th grade and used a gratitude journal during my post pregnancy fatloss struggle.  I've also been keeping a fitness journal for years and recently started creative journaling with a wreck this journal pictured here and above. 

speed up fitness results with a rumble roller

A more relaxed body is key to speeding up fitness results plus it improves your mood too. Reducing tension in the body may sound like a trivial matter but according to medical researcher Dr. Esther Sternberg, author of The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health & Emotions, increased stress plays a primary role in most major disease. It also increases levels of cortisol, the hormone that cause your body to store fat and lose muscle mass.

A tight tense body is a clear sign that stress levels are high but getting a massage isn’t always convenient or in your monthly budget so a good alternative is a quick 10-15 minute session on the Rumble Roller. You can even do it while watching a funny movie, listening to your favorite music, or chatting with your family about your day.

speed up fitness with a bodyfat monitor

Another tool that can help you reach your body makeover goals faster is a body fat monitor. Remember that your scale weight loss is only as good as your body composition and even though scale weight is one measure of fitness success the truth is it's not the best indicator of progress because it only provides you with a small view of what is really going on inside.

Ten pounds of scale weight loss and only 1% body fat loss is an indication that you need a different type of diet or exercise program while only five pounds of scale weight loss and 4% body fat loss means you're on the fast track to lean fit and sexy!  Knowing your body composition is key for making adjustments to your diet as well as your exercise program so be sure to only care about scale weight in relation to your body composition. The easiest way to track is with the Handheld Omron Fat Loss Monitor.