soul on fire is powerful motivation

by monica

My biggest fear for a while was that I would never achieve a level of health and fitness that made me feel happy and confident. This is one of the reasons I started your best female figure site. I figured if somebody like me who had a love of movement and healthy habits since the age of 15 could feel this way then there were probably many women who were also feeling this fear and it was worth sharing my journey even if to only inspire a handful of women to be more realistic more consistent more patient more flexible and more relaxed on their journey to a healthier fitter sexier body.

What I never expected from sharing this journey is that it would help me reach my body goals much faster and take me back to dance inspired movement which would put the spotlight on one of my biggest fears of all. Can you guess what that is?

I had no idea either until I was driving home from a chakra meditation that my burlesque for the soul group has been having on Monday nights for the past couple of weeks. As I drove home after this intense meditation session I felt really afraid, anxious and like I would burst into tears. It was confusing but as I got closer to home I realized the fear was not over some of the intense images I had during our meditation, it was fear that I will not make a positive difference in enough people's lives which is something that I've always felt really passionate about.

What happened on my way home last night was a powerful re-igniting of something that had been extinguished for quite some time and it felt like pure energy pouring from my heart. Have you ever experienced something like this? If not I will tell you that it's scary AND exciting! I have yet to figure out how this is going to help me help more people but one thing I do know is what I read in a quote I added to ybff meditation images pinterest board "the most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire". Is your soul on fire? Would you like it to be? If it was what would it empower you to do?

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