Somatotypes Pros and Cons:

No matter what female body type you have you probably think that other body types have it made compared to you but the truth is that all somatotypes have pros and cons even the rarely discussed mixed somatotypes.

This quick and fun article includes the main advantages and disadvantages of each female body types, simple body type workout tips plus a few quick tips to help you overcome negative body image so you can finally get YOUR best female figure.

Somatotypes: Advantages & Disadvantages of Your Female Body Type

This is by no means some scientific article about somatotypes. There's plenty of those already floating around on the web.

The descriptions below simply point out the main pros and cons of each body type in a fun way that is going to help you appreciate what you were born with and understand that each female body type has it's upside and downsides too.

The reality is that there is no perfect body type and the more you understand how to work with what you were born with the better results you will start getting from your workouts.  Check out the hilarious Rosie O'Donnell in Beautiful Girls. Her rant about women's body says it all about how frustrated most women often feel. *Rated R for colorful language and a quick porn mag reference

Ectomorph- This body type is naturally lean but also very straight from top to bottom and usually has a small chest. If you are this type then losing fat or weight and getting fit is super easy but it's also easy to go overboard and end up looking like a boy (no butt, no hips, no boobs) hence the nickname boyish figure. Most women hate that you can eat anything and not gain weight (probably have called you a skinny bitch) but they also wish they could do the same.

Endomorph - This is the voluptous but soft body type with sexy curves and bigger chest. When at a healthy weight you are incredibly curvy but with just a few extra pounds tend look overweight, too soft and flabby. If you are this type then you may find it harder to lose fat and weight but when you do you still look vavavoom sexy and have the body type that most men worship. Most women envy your body type and wish they had more curves like yours.

Mesomorph - This is the athletic type with broad shoulders and big or small chest but not much of a booty, hips and skinny legs. If you are this type then you can pack on muscle just from a few curls and pushups and you never have to worry about saddle bags or other butt fat issues. Losing fat takes some work just how much work really depends on whether you have more endo or ecto qualities. Most women envy your toned arms and sexy back and wish it was as easy for them to get a tight toned upper body and skinny lower body like yours.

Mixed somatotypes - This is a combination of two types that makes getting fit a challenge but the advantage is you have more freedom with your workouts and your diet. If you're a mixed type then lots of workouts do work for you but lots of workouts don't work for you so finding what works is a real catch 22. Most women envy that your body responds to virtually any workout and wish they had less stubborn trouble zones like you.

Simple Exercise for Your Body Type Tips

  • Always customize your workout plan and workouts to your fitness level and your fitness goals.
  • Always workout to balance your body type instead of focusing so much on trouble zones.
  • Always exercise in a way that is enjoyable to you and that fits with your lifestyle.
  • Always focus on enhancing what is right with your body and improving your entire body not just your trouble zones.
  • Always choose exercise that is right for your body type instead of doing workouts that the "perfect body types" are doing.

Again, try to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect body type and the best way to get YOUR best female figure is to stop trying to achieve random numbers like a certain body fat percentage, a certain waist to hip ratio, a certain size or weight. The less you focus on these random variables and the more you focus on achieving balance and YOUR best female figure the better results you will get and the more satisfied you will be with your body type.

Click the link for more female body type pics and body type workout tips.

Negative Body Image Tips

A few years ago a lovely woman by the name of Sarah Maria sent me a copy of her book Love Your Body Love Your Life: 5 Steps to End Negative Body Obsession and Start Living Happily and Confidently.

The book is amazing but her #1 tip for healthy body image is to identify and detach from your destructive thoughts. Her book explains this in details but you can watch her interview here where she discusses it briefly and offers a few other helpful tips for a healthy body image.