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by monica

train smarter get fitter, healthier, stronger and happier too : )

train smarter get fitter, healthier, stronger and happier too : )

train smarter get fitter, healthier, stronger and happier too : ) Movement that matters gets better results than no pain no gain hardcore exercise that drains your body.  Train don't drain your body. Want a fit toned body?  Live a healthy life and make healthy food and exercise choices as often as possible.

Remember that old outdated phrase no pain no gain? Well thanks to the high demand for smart educated fitness trainers it's finally been replaced by train don't drain and I am so happy that after 10 years of writing about it and teaching it to my clients, the do it yourself at home workout crowd is starting to train smarter too.

Train don't drain was made famous in holistic and functional fitness circles years ago by one of the most cutting edge fitness experts to ever live; Paul Chek. Here's what that means and how it can completely alter your workout motivation for life!

Last week was a hectic busy week for us but I had tons of energy and felt amazing so was able to really push my body hard 4 out of 6 days that I worked out (the other 2 days were more moderate workouts).

This week is a completely different story. I've been stiff, tired, and just feeling like my body is fighting off a cold. Would it be smart for me to drain my body with hardcore exercise? Not really but it also doesn't mean I need to skip my workouts.

Working out when you're not feeling 100% can actually boost health and wellness IF you train smarter not harder. Here's how I did that yesterday.

Started with my usual warmup routine then performed 3 circuits of the lose back fat workout because I needed a lot of postural work (been working long hours online). I took out the plank hops and replaced it with stability db fly for increased thoracic mobility. I also did bodyweight gliding disc lunges instead of band twisting lunges and thera band fly plie squat instead of band pulldown squat. Tip: There are many ways to modify workouts when you are not feeling your best.

After three rounds of that I continued with a new version of my functional core workout that I'll be filming today and that's part of my new ebook Corset Core workout plan. It's very similar to the one in the video here. Just one round of that then I finished up with 15 min. of stretches. The result of this is I feel 90% better today. Tip: Sometimes going easy is exactly what your body needs so you can get healthy and/or ramp it up the rest of the week.

Here's an awesome video of Paul Chek doing what he does best; teaching trainers how to train smarter. I've taken several Chek Institute courses including Scientific Core Conditioning, Scientific Back Conditioning, and a few others. I highly recommend his book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!. Tip: Train smarter not just harder to get your best body ever.

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