small effective tips for maintaining hourglass figure

by malini

I wanted to know short simple and effective tips for maintaining my opposing triangle figure (hourglass figure).

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Oct 31, 2013
maintenance plan for hourglass body type
by: monica

Thank you for posting this question Malini. So many women wait until they've lost their hourglass but you're being proactive and looking for a way to maintain it is very smart!

A simple way to do that is with a total body circuit that targets your unique body type, burns fat, builds strength and improves cardio endurance 3 x per week.

If you have an hourglass that gains weight easily add 3 days of additional cardio (20 min. at higher intensity). If weight gain is not an issue for your body then 1-2 days of cardio is more than enough (anywhere from 20-40 min. is good) or you can do any other types of exercise like yoga, pilates, dance workouts, etc.

You may also want to do 1 core ab workout per week to maintain your core functional and healthy which keeps your waist small as you get older and if you want to maintain a firm round booty add 1 butt workout per week.

To maintain your natural hourglass you also need to focus on healthy superfoods and make sure to moderate your starchy carbs intake (i.e. breads, quinoa, wild rice, pasta etc.). You don't need to cut out starchy carbs just limit to 1-2 portions per day and fill up on lots of vegetables, some fruit and a little protein.

Also limit your intake of junk food, alcohol, soda and caffeine. Small treats are o.k. from time to time but 80% of your diet should be super healthy.

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