What to do about slow weight loss and stubborn female fat loss

Consistent with your fatloss workouts and healthy eating but still struggling with slow weight loss and stubborn female fat?  I know exactly how you feel because I experienced it for 18 long months.  

But it wasn't until I started helping hundreds of women online and in the gym that I realized the most common causes of  slow weightloss, stubborn fat and what to do when you think you're doing all the right things but your not so ideal weight, high bodyfat, measurements, pant size and level of frustration persist!

Top 6 causes for slow weight loss and stubborn female fat loss

If you're a consistent exerciser who also happens to eat a calorie and nutrient adequate diet for your unique metabolism then motivation and bad habits are not your issues so WHY aren't you getting anywhere with your fatloss and fitness?  The 6 reasons listed below are the top reasons that most women stay stuck at an unhappy weight and high bodyfat levels.  They are also the reasons that trainers who don't know what they're doing can't get their clients results regardless of how much hardcore torture they inflict on them during workout sessions.  If you are ready to finally shed the fat then below is what you need to fix to shed the fat weight and get the body you deserve from your hard work!

  1. quick fix body transformation mentality
  2. self absorbed vanity focused fitness
  3. no workout or fitness plan that progresses with you
  4. physical mental emotional resistance to change
  5. mistaking intensity as a training variables
  6. no maintenance strategy or new fitness goals

The solutions to these issues are so simple and covered in more detail below.  Rest assured they work but only if you are  willing to train smarter and bypass the latest free and random fitness and fatloss advice that doesn't work for normal every day women.

Top 6 solutions to speed up slow weight loss and stubborn female fat loss

1.  Know your true underlying motives and have a good bucket list.  Wanting to look attractive and feel good about your body is totally normal.  Everybody wants that but the real reasons WHY you want that are what really matter because those are the reasons that will help you persist and overcome any obstacles you encounter (and there will be many).

So how do you uncover these motives?  Do what mind body coaches suggest and peel the onion.  Keep asking WHY you want A LEANER BODY, WHY you want FITNESS LEVEL BODYFAT, WHY you want to WEIGH LESS and fit into SMALLER CLOTHING SIZES.  Don't stop asking until you peel away all the shallow reasons and uncover the real reasons that have nothing to do with looks.

Trust me they are in there just waiting to be discovered and can be as simple as:; wanting to attract a partner that loves and respects you for who you are or wanting to be an inspiration to a child who is struggling with a drug addiction (those are real client reasons by the way) or wanting to avoid getting diabetes like everybody in your family (that's just one of my many reasons).

Dig deep until you uncover those motives and you will unleash unstoppable motivation that will help you do whatever it takes to get the body of your dreams.

If you want to take it a step further why not make a fitness bucket list of things  you want to accomplish with your body as you get fit.  This is great motivation and will really help you think about what burning the fat, losing weight, getting fit and healthy mean to you.

2.  Focus on a holistic approach to fitness that benefits your health and well being.  So many people (myself included), approach weight loss and female fat loss with a very aggressive approach. Cut carbs, slash calories, extreme detox diets, dangerous supplements, hardcore extreme workouts daily, etc.  It's like you're punishing yourself for years of abuse when what your body needs most is balance, health and well being. 

The secret to effortless weight loss and fat loss that lasts is to be kind to your body every single hour of every day. When you approach fatloss with a health and well being first approach you lose the fat and get fitter without having to try so hard.  A holistic approach to fitness also allow you to focus on what is best for your unique body and needs. 

Every person is different and one woman's fatloss workouts and fatloss diet is another's weight gain nightmare. We all have different bodies and different needs. What works for some often doesn't work for others. The best way to decide what will work for you is to assess where you are now, what you've been doing to get you there and how you can help your body get healthy so it can get leaner and fittter faster.

3.  Get on a workout plan that progresses with you as you get fitter.  As my favorite fitness expert Paul Chek once said "If you don't know where you're going then any road will get you there" and what he meant by that is that if you don't know what results you want from your workout routine then any workouts will do, but if you do know what results you want then you must have a well designed workout plan.

You absolutely CAN NOT afford to just do random workouts or follow random fitness tips you find for free all over the place.  Not only do unplanned workouts leave tons of room for error they also decrease your exercise motivation and get you random not so great results.  It would be the equivalent of going to school and taking random classes then expecting to get a business degree.  Not gonna happen!

I made this mistake a lot when I got started with my post pregnancy exercise routine which is why it took me 18 long months to lose 30 lb of baby fat.  Believe it or not, random unplanned workout is THE #1 mistake that most women make when attempting to get a better body.  It's the reason the personal training industry is booming!  Personal training is actually one of the fastest growing professions and it's all because people are so frustrated with no results from their free random unplanned workouts...

But the truth is you don't need to pay a personal trainer thousands of dollars per month or a boot camp trainer hundreds of dollars per month or join an expensive fitness membership site or buy those $200 workout dvd sets that are only good for 3 months.

A great workout plan is affordable and simple to follow plus it shows you how to customize, modify, adapt, and then progress your workouts which is even better because you'll learn what to do beyond the first 12 weeks and continue getting results for the rest of your life.

4.  Know what and how to tweak workout variables that really challenge your body and turn up the burn.

I've run across so many women literally busting their butts with fatloss workouts who struggle more than women who are not exercising anywhere near as hard.  Hey I was one of those women too; lifting heaps of weight and doing interval cardio twice a day 8 days a week and getting nowhere slow! 

I know exactly how frustrating this is and how it makes you feel like a total failure at fatloss, weight loss and fitness.  I also know how awful it feels when those self proclaimed fitness gurus tell you that you're not training hard enough.  Talk about adding insult to injury!  Any well educated fitness professional can tell you that there's more to it than just training harder.  In fact INTENSITY ISN'T EVEN AN ACTUAL TRAINING VARIABLE.  How is that for misinformation.

Intensity is achieved by manipulating other training variables such as:  duration, exercise choice, equipment choice, exercise combinations, exercise order, frequency, reps, rest periods, sets, tempo, technique, weight, and a many many other factors.  I wrote 4 pages about the basics of training variables in Love Your Booty plan and even included intensity on the list but explained how intensity is achieved by manipulating all the other variables on the list.  It is also covered a lot in Bodycon Female Fitness plan.  

If harder is the only  variable you're familiar with and you're tired of being stuck on a plateau then be sure to at least learn the basics of how to manipulate variables so you can start getting results and avoid plateaus in the future.  

5.  Have positive mantras and meaningful intentions that empower you to do your best.  If you're like many women struggling to lose the fat then you probably trash talk your physical abilities and constantly put your body down.  You may say/think things like I'm just not coordinated or I have bad genetics or I'm just not that dedicated so I'll never be able to get a better body. 

You may even trash talk other women who are fit because it helps you to feel better about your lack of progress i.e. that skinny bitch probably has a fast metabolism or that lady doesn't work and spends hour a day exercising, or that woman is just naturally athletic, or that celeb has a trainer/chef/cleaning lady/dog walker/nanny so she has more time than I do to make healthy choices.

This negativity is probably one of the most common things I experience with female clients and it's kind of sad but I do know from personal experience what it's like to literally hate the body you're in especially if you feel like you're doing all you can to improve your health fitness and body and nothing is happening.  The best way to overcome this type of negativity is to have positive mantras and meaningful intentions.  Not only does this remove all your mental and emotional obstacles to getting a healthy fit lean body it also helps you achieve a level of fitness you can't even imagine when you are frustrated and stuck on a plateau. 

A workout mantra can be one word or a short phrase that keeps you going when things get stressful and difficult. For example: Just do it, Earn your body, Strength, Conquer, No excuses, I can do this, Quitting is not an option, Believe Focus Transcend.

A workout mantra can also be something more personal that empowers you to be your best self and do what is best for you such as: I will accomplish whatever I choose to accomplish, I choose to believe in me
I will be led by my dreams, I will be fueled by passion, I deserve greatness.
Remember that what you feed your mind and soul every day matters just as much as your diet and exercise. 

6.  Have a post body transformation fitness goal and a new body fitness plan.   Not having a maintenance strategy kind of goes hand in hand with the #1 cause of slow weight loss which is the 12 week workout plan mentality that leaves you at a loss about how to continue once you're done with your first 12 weeks.  As fatloss expert Tom Venuto put it "we don't have a fatloss problem in this country, what we have is a maintenance issue". 

Remember that your first 12 weeks is just the beginning!  If you want to continue getting results or maintain your weight loss or fatloss beyond 12 weeks you will constantly need new fitness plans and new goals to focus on. This is similar to getting an entry level job for experience.  Once you become skilled at that job you're probably going to want to move up in the company or to another company that offers you a more challenging career and better pay so you need a plan of action to do that. 

Health & Fitness is the same.  It's a life time commitment that involves new strategies and new directions so that you continue improving and moving forward instead of reverting back to your fat weight.