6 slim waist booty exercises that work better than gym butt machines

These 6 booty exercises slim waist, flatten abs, strengthen core and improve posture plus they build a sexy curvy booty too!  Why these booty moves work even better than the gym butt machines I recently worked out on with 100+ pounds.  Also some simple tips to make these killer butt exercises work for your unique booty and body shape. 

6 booty exercises that slim waist & beat gym butt machines hands down in intensity and results

The 6 moves featured in this video are variations of the hip extension and the reverse plank or tabletop.  If you haven't mastered those moves yet I highly recommend you get busy with those by following ybff & corset core plans for a few months.  

These moves look easy but they are complex and not really the best for complete beginners because they require a lot more coordination and core butt activation due to the isolation from more complex positions.  If you're a ybff news subscriber and have access to body by burlesque pdf you can also use that plan for 6-8 weeks to prepare for these moves.  

Remember that working exercise progressions that are right for your fitness level is a must when you're trying to slim waist and build a curvy booty.  **When you work exercises that your body is not ready for your chance of injury increases, you train faulty movement patterns and may even thicken your waist.

why these booty exercises work better than gym butt machines featured & mentioned in video...

We've all been led to believe that working out at the gym with super heavy weight is what works to build a sexy curvy booty but the truth is that gym machines aren't necessary to get stronger.  In fact they actually make all your stabilizers; core, back, inner thighs, weaker.  To prove this point I recently trained in the gym with heavier weight than usual.  

I performed a few exercises that I usually do at home; bulgarian squats, single leg deadlift and step ups with slightly more weight.  Then I finished up my workout with 3 sets of hip thrusters using a 30 pound bar, 3 sets of abduction machine using 108 pounds on the last 2 sets plus the glute kickback machine at around 90 pounds.

I had not used these machines to train my body since 2005 so was curious to see how avoiding machine training all these years had affected my isolated strength.  

Was thrilled to find out that training with booty bands, sandbells, gliding disc, stability ball, exercise straps and body weight actually made me a lot stronger on machines and with weighted bar than I was years ago.  I also experienced little soreness that didn't even compare to soreness I feel when I train at home.  

How is this possible you ask?  Well machines are designed to isolate muscles which isn't exactly a good thing because our bodies are not designed to work in isolation movement patterns.  

So instead of your core back and inner thighs helping to stabilize you as you move all that weight the machine does all the stabilizing for you which targets that specific muscle without allowing the rest of your body to assist which is what actually makes your body stronger, more functional and able to build more lean muscle without injury.

Using machines also eliminates the cinching effect you're supposed to get when your deep abs are functioning to protect your body from injury as you train so machine training = no waist slimming either!  

More on how at home training with fitness gear is more time efficient and effective in this at home workout article.