Slim down in 10 with a simple core booty workout that flattens abs lifts butt slims waist tones arms and legs and strengthens total body!

One of my favorite things about Pilates is that it can help you slim down in 10 min. or less.  Just a few reps of certain moves with exceptional technique can improve your posture so much that you'll look like you lost 5-10 lb and got flatter abs  slimmer waist butt lift along with leaner longer legs and arms instantly!  Don't believe me?  

Try the core booty quick fix routine I filmed while on vacation and see for yourself.  It's exactly what I teach in my Pilates class and what keeps dozens of women coming back to my classes for more...

Perfom 6-8 reps of each move in a circuit and repeat up to 5 times.

  • ball knee tuck
  • ball pike with pause
  • ball single leg curl bridge
  • ball exchange core activation
  • ball teaser with twist

Don't have a ball?  You can also modify these moves to just bodyweight and gliding discs or straps.

Take your slim down in 10 to the next level with 10 min. of stretching

Want to look even better?  Add the quick yoga stretching routine in the  second half of the video to the quick core booty moves and you'll be amazed at how great you look and feel after just one workout.  This is the reason I'm hooked on Pilates and yoga and why so many of my students in both my Pilates and dynamic stretching  classes love coming to my classes!  This stuff is simple and it works long term to get you that sexy feminine look you want with core strength to boost all your other more intense workouts too!

Need to slim down by 10 lb in 10 days for a trip or special event?  Add some intervals at the beginning...

Just 4-8 min. of intervals before any core booty routine is enough to burn fat off your body fast especially if you add in intervals like the ones in my bodycon video here to your core booty workouts 4-5 times a week.   This will extend the slim in 10 routine to 24-28 min. total and can be very effective for fatloss when you're close to your goal weight and bodyfat.   If you do need to lose more than 10 lb you'll need a more focused intense fat burning intervals plan like bodycon female fitness.

Already on a fat burning intervals plan?  Then you don't need to add more intervals to your core booty or upper body workouts.  Remember that if you're doing a more intense fatloss plan like bodycon fitness you only need 4 days of hiit max so your rest days should be focused on other more moderate workouts like booty, core, legs, upper body, easy cardio, stretching etc.  to prevent over training and injuries.