Slim down fast with a plan that gets you results that last for life not just for a few months...

How those quick results workout plans you keep seeing everywhere are stalling your long term fitness progress/results plus killing your motivation and how to actually use a quick fitness plan to your advantage so you can avoid crash dieting and weight yo-yoing.

If you're ever been desperate to look good fast for a bikini vacation, a wedding or reunion then you are pretty much willing to try anything even if that means 10 days on a strict diet of water, chicken and broccoli + 2 hour a day workouts .  Desperation always seems to bring out the dedication in women and even though it can work in the short term the long term result from this type of quick fix plan is usually low self esteem, never reaching your full fitness potential and worst of all weight cycling....

best way to slim down fast is to not put your body through any of the torture methods listed below...

So what do you do if you absolutely must lose the fat and tone up in a short span of time?  Well here's 9 things you probably should avoid:

  1.  fad diets
  2. punishing workouts
  3. crazy cleanses
  4. marathon workouts
  5. dangerous detox supplements
  6. hour-long core classes
  7. ultra low calorie diets
  8. 60 min. hiit workouts
  9. dangerous quick fix medical procedures

All 9 options listed here can work short term but they are super stressful on your body.   The reason these type of regimens do more harm than good is they create conditions in your body that trigger fight or flight hormones so while you are busy feeling cranky, hungry and over trained your body is actually learning how to store more fat more efficiently in case your body is ever under this amount of stress again.  

This means when you are done with your extreme quick fix diet and hardcore quick fitness plan and you go back to something more reasonable your body WILL usually start packing tons of fat back on those trouble zones plus some extra fat in other areas you didn't even know you could store fat.  So what these crazy regimens really do is create the perfect conditions for weight cycling also known as weight rebounding or weight yo-yoing.  

Don't despair there is a way to slim down fast without stressing you or your body out...

According to researchers  "there is increasing evidence that weight cycling may lead to cardiovascular and metabolic disorders," such as hypertension and diabetes...And the risk of complications of weight cycling seems greater in people with normal weight or slightly overweight than in obese people."  There are also mental and emotional side effects from this including low self esteem, depression and anxiety.

I created an easy to follow plan like this a while ago for my sister and usually it's only offered as part of the YBFF package but this weekend I'm giving it away because I'm so tired of seeing so many friends family clients get lured into slim down fast quick fixes that leave them feeling fatter and like total failures at a fit healthy lifestyle. 

The truth is you CAN slim down fast in under a month and you CAN get leaner and fitter faster and those results CAN last but only when you start with a healthy plan not a quick fix desperation plan.  Download the YBFF quick fitness plan fatloss guide here and get started this weekend. I promise you the results will amaze you and motivate you to keep getting fitter leaner and sexier as time goes by with more challenging plans like YBFF + Corset Core Hourglass Waist combo plan :)