skirt motivation for your best female body shape

by monica

H&M ruffle pencil skirt Cynthia Rowley ombre pleated maxi skirt gojane high waist vinyl skirt

There are many types of motivation that you can use to help you get your best female body shape but one of the best motivators is a short term goals reward system that boosts dopamine and empowers you to stay on track with your best female figure plan.

Now what many women do (like I did) is delay any type of reward until they're at their goal weight or their goal bodyfat or their goal shape but according to experts this isn't how human motivation works.

Motivation experts explain that "Collecting wins, no matter how small, can chemically wire you to move mountains by causing a repeated release of dopamine. But to get going you have to land those first few successes."

What this means is that you must reward your small victories with body makeover progress with small rewards if you want to keep going until you reach your long term body goal. For example if you lose a few inches around your waist or the shape of your booty visibly improves then reward yourself with a new skirt or outfit that makes you feel good about your progress.

The pic here is an example of how I've been doing this as my waist and booty have transformed into something I find more appealing. In the past I NEVER rewarded myself for any of my small victories and I often felt so discouraged about my transformation even though I was making visible progress.

Now if a new skirt or outfit doesn't motivate you like it does other women then there are plenty of other rewards and fitness incentives you can use to stay positive, focused and on track with your body shape transformation.

The important thing is to not delay feeling good about your small shifts in body shape because feeling good is what keeps you going until your get the sexiest body shape that you see yourself having which is the greatest reward of all.

"When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do." Ru Paul.

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