Six Week Body Makeover Diet, Exercise & Mindset Tips for A Quick Body Makeover

There are dozens of obstacles that can come between you and your body transformation and if your goal is to makeover your body in 6-12 weeks you must tackle the most important ones first. 

Below are the top 9 body makeover obstacles that a majority of women struggle with plus the six week body makeover diet, exercise, and mindset tips that will help you get your best body fast and without all the body drama.

Top 9 Body Transformation Obstacles & Six Week Body Makeover Diet Exercise & Mindset Solutions

Body Transformation Obstacle #1:  Emotional Eating - Everybody struggles with this obstacle at one point or another. It may be at the beginning of your weightloss journey, at the midpoint, when you're almost at your goal weight or after you've reached your weight.  Six Week Body Makeover Diet Tip: Keep a journal and find simple solutions to your diet meltdowns as soon as you notice patterns. Staying aware and being prepared with strategies that work for you will help you conquer this obstacle faster and without the added drama.

Body Transformation Obstacle #2: Fatloss Diet Mistakes - Choosing a healthy fatloss diet is like finding the perfect pair of jeans (it's actually much harder) and the truth is that you will likely choose wrong several times before you finally get it right.

Six Week Body Makeover Diet Tip: Forget about diets. You don't have time to experiment with this and that diet if you want results fast. Focus on eating small portions of real clean foods 80% of the time or 90% of the time if you want results even faster. If you need help with this check out my guide Your Best Female Figure Fatloss Meals.

Body Transformation Obstacle #3: Harsh Criticism - Not only will you endure harsh criticism from others about your diet and fitness plan but you will also have to deal with the harshest critic of all, YOU.  Six Week Body Makeover Mindset Tip: Try to be kind to yourself by using positive language, statements or affirmations about your body and your process. If you've been beating yourself up about your body for a long time NOW is the time to stop it.  If you're kind to yourself others will likely be kinder too.  Remember that other people often treat you the way you treat yourself or the way you allow them to treat you so say not to negativity.  It starts with you.

Body Transformation Obstacle #4: Lack of Fitness & Health Mindset - At some point or another you will commit the worst mistake of all and think that health and fitness are irrelevant to your body transformation  results.  Six Week Body Makeover Mindset Tip: Just stop fighting the fact that clean eating, recovery and stress management are part of the bigger picture.  Constantly remind yourself that it's not just about the workouts, all your habits matter and a health first approach is a must for your best female figure faster.   

Body Transformation Obstacle #5: Motivation Issues - Expecting your motivation to be high all the time is like expecting to be happy 24/7 365 days a year. It's unrealistic and it will never happen.   Six Week Body Makeover Mindset Tip:  Expect to feel down, disappointed, even downright depressed at times. It's totally normal to experience those ups and downs and the lows can teach you a lot about your underlying motives for wanting to lose weight too so tune in to what you're feeling and use it to your advantage.

Body Transformation Obstacle #6: Obsessing & Over-planning - The daily weigh-ins, the constant food tracking, the planning of meals, or measuring food or counting calories is enough to make you and those around you crazy.  Six Week Body Makeover Diet Tip:  Accept that obsessing a little is part of your body transformation process but do get your control freak in check so your friends and family don't start wondering if you have a compulsive eating/exercise disorder.  Instead of obsessing try to focus on the journey and what you're learning each day.  Unless you're a fitness competitor you don't need to obsess about every little thing to transform your body. 

Body Transformation Obstacle #7: Self Sabotage & Saboteurs - It's inevitable that those around you will try to sabotage you (usually your diet) mainly because they're afraid of how you will change and how your body transformation will affect them. In fact you fear this too and fear is behind most sabotage (yours and other people's).  Six Week Body Makeover Diet Tip: Reassure yourself and those around you that you are simply losing what is no longer working for you which will allow your best self to emerge. It will be you at your best without the extra baggage and body drama.  Your partner will appreciate your honesty and stop sabotaging your diet or other healthy habits.

Body Transformation Obstacle #8: Fitness/Fatloss Plateaus - Notice how plateaus is in plural and not singular. That's because there will be multiple plateaus that will test your patience and your motivation. Six Week Body Makeover Diet Tip: Reframe the plateau and view it as a chance to assess where you are and what you need to do now, then devise a new plan. It's not the end of the world, just time to increase the intensity of your workouts or change your exercises or adjust your cardio to strength training ratios.

Body Transformation Obstacle #9: Fatloss or Weightloss "Set Point" - In case you haven't heard there is no such thing as weight set point only metabolic adaptation that can be manipulated further with the right tips and tricks. Six Week Body Makeover Exercise Tip: You and not the scale or your genetics get to decide your weight, bodyfat, and size so if you want an even better body than what you end up with get busy with metabolic conditioning strategies that work to get even better results. It can be done!