Six week body makeover tips:  16 simple tips to get better results from any fitness plan in 6 weeks!

Don't have the time for twice a day 2 hour fitness routines that bodybuilder chics do or for torturous complicated eating plans that leave you feeling hungry and deprived?  Then you've come to the right place!

The 16 tips on this page are simple and best of all they work to help normal every day women get amazing six week body makeover results. If you want to see visible results from day one of your fitness plan AND amazing results by week six of any fitness plan on the site then these are the top tips to focus on weekly.  I teach these tips to all my female clients and share dozens more like this in all my fitness plans.

11 workout tips for amazing six week body makeover results

1. Warm-up with dynamic stretches for 5-10 minutes before your fatloss workout.  A warm-up may sound like a big waste of time but it does 3 important things:

  • 1. It lubricates joints and increases blood flow and oxygen to muscles. This means more endurance and less injuries.
  • 2. It prepares you mentally and for some emotionally. This means better focus and more efficiency.
  • 3. It increases heart rate and oxygen to muscles. This means more fat and calories burned during a workout.

2. Incorporate high intensity intervals into your workouts and especially when just doing cardio. In one research study participants who engaged in 90 sessions of traditional cardio over a 20 week period lost 1% bodyfat, while participants who engaged in 25 sessions of moderate intensity cardio then 35 sessions of high intensity cardio over a 15 week period lost 3% bodyfat. Additional studies have shown that participants who engaged in short high intensity training lost 9 times more fat than those who performed long low intensity training. The numbers speak for themselves.

3. Work harder than you are now during cardio intervals. During fat burning workouts that include cardio bursts i.e. sprinting, mountain climbers, jump rope, squat thrusts, lunge jumps, etc. aim for an 8-9 rate of perceived exertion (10 being the hardest).  This will boost fat and calories burned during and after your workout plus boost endurance and energy levels for all your other workouts too.

4. Turn up the intensity of your exercises. Most people train in a comfort zone that actually does include hard work but sometimes it's not hard enough. The key to getting out of that comfort zone is measuring what is hard for you then going beyond that each time you train. You should feel slightly uncomfortable, be breathing much harder, be sweating more, and basically feel like it's a bit more than you can handle most of the time.

5.  Set a time limit for your workouts so you stay focused on exercising at a pace and intensity level that feels challenging the entire time and so you are not tempted to take too many breaks or breaks that are too long.  The point of exercise isn't to just put in the time exercising so you can burn calories.  WTH?  Yes, your goal isn't to workout for the sake of working out.  The point of any workout is to challenge your body sufficiently so that you can see and feel health, fitness, fatloss and body shape improvement quickly and permanently.

6. Stretch after every workout or practice quick yoga. Flexibility is often the most overlooked components of a fitness plan.  Some find it boring and complain that it doesn't burn many calories, and for others it's a bit painful, but doing it does 3 things:

  • It lengthen and aligns your body and when your body is in alignment it looks better and works more efficiently, burning more calories.
  • It relieves tightness and fatigue so you have more energy for more activities plus you are less likely to overeat and binge because you are not exhausted or in pain.
  • It reduces stress especially if you are doing yoga, which in turn reduces cortisol levels that cause your body to store fat and look bloated.

7. Include fat burning exercises that balance your body.  Find a good balance of full body exercises that burn fat but that also strengthen your weak spots or that balance your trouble zones.  Don't just focus on fixing what you think is wrong with your body.  For example:  Got tons of belly fat and no butt?  Train exercises that target your lower body more and the belly fat will melt off faster than if you do a ton of ab core and plank work.  Got too much junk in the trunk and a weak upper body?  Train challenging pushups and planks and pullup type exercises that burn tons body fat and that will add some lean muscle up top to balance out a heavier lower body.  Happy with the lean muscle you have but need to lose that last layer of fat?  Stop adding weight to your exercises and focus on speed, better technique, and more complex movement for increase fatloss.  

8. Start tracking and fixing your diet.  Are you unaware of your total calorie, fat, carb, and liquids intake? Do you reward your hard work in the gym with caramel machiatto's and cheeseburgers? It isn't just about how hard you train.  You have to support your workouts with healthy eating habits. That means eating healthy superfoods 80-90% of the time, eating small meals consistently (day in and day out, week after week, month after month), keeping your body hydrated, enjoying small cheats occasionally, cutting back on alcohol and sugar, etc.  If you're not doing all these things then you'll be fit but you won't look fit.

9. Workout 6-7 times per week. One of the advantages of a balanced workout plan is that you can combine high intensity fatloss workouts with moderate exercise . This means you can workout daily which boosts metabolism and burns more calories and fat for better body makeover results. Other great advantages of daily training include looking better faster which builds motivation and having better endurance for tougher activities like running, hiking, biking, rock climbing, sports, marathons, triathalons or other activities you may want to try.  You'll also maintain your results easily.

10. Have a weekly or monthly challenge. Working out for the sake of staying fit and looking good isn't half as effective as fitness with a goal. When you infuse your fitness routine with purpose you tend to train at your full potential which leads to more visible results faster. Challenge yourself weekly and you're more likely to train hard and stick to it.

11. Make sure your workout is challenging but also fun. When your workouts are fun then you're more likely to stick to them and consistency is the key to getting results. Most workouts that are great for your body type will include exercises that you may not like so that's why it's important to do plenty of what you do love. It's all about finding a healthy balance of what you need and what you love.

5 healthy eating tips that work for normal every day women who want a lean toned body with sexy feminine curves

1.  Try 3 healthy fatloss meals per day and only 1 small snack per day (instead of 6 or more meals per day).  Grazing all day is for bodybuilder chics or cows and there is no research to prove that it works to speed up metabolism or weight loss or fatloss.  A typical day of eating should include 3 moderate sized superfoods meals and an optional snack like pic here.  Eating like this is what has helped me lose 10 more pounds of fat and 5 more inches off my waist these past few months after I had already maintained a 30 pound loss for 12 years.  Meals pictured here are greens smoothie, quinoa greens salad, healthy snack bar and grilled chicken veggie stir fry with with small portion of soba noodles.

2.  Start your day with a green superfoods weight loss smoothieGreens powders are one of the best supplements EVER because they improve digestion, detox your body daily and turbocharge your immune system which are all key to fast weight loss and fatloss.  No supplement out there will flatten your abs and help you lose weight faster than green superfoods.  Best part is it's healthy and good for your body unlike most supplements.

3.  Train your body don't drain it.  Find a balance of workouts that boosts health and fitness instead of just torturing yourself every single day with hardcore exercise.   Mix in some moderate longer cardio, functional training, core training, mobility, flexibility and active recovery activities too.  You don't need to be doing hardcore workouts daily to lose fat and get sexy.   Fitness fatloss and your best body happen when your body gets healthy not stressed to the breaking point.

4. Start tracking your eating behaviors and healthy habits.   After a few weeks of food and exercise journaling start reviewing your journal for behavior patterns that are holding you back and figure out ways to overcome those obstacles.  Losing fat is 100% mental 100% diet and 100% fitness.  It ALL matters and the sooner you get on board with that the faster you will lose the fat.

5.  Do what is right for your body.  Stop caring what other people are doing and focus on what is going to get YOUR body the best results.  Who cares if so and so is low carbing or paleo exercising and dieting or turbo insanity blasting or crossfitting or whatever the heck else anybody is doing.   Question everything you come across and start thinking of how to modify and customize EVERYTHING  to your unique needs.   The more you do this the better results you will get from your weight loss and fitness plan.