Shrink your waist & get sexy booty curves with 12 advanced moves

If you're an intermediate to advanced exerciser then chances are you're already doing all the basic stuff in Corset Core & Love Your Booty plans to shrink your waist and get sexy booty curves.  But what if your body is starting to adapt and the basics are starting to feel too easy or worst you've hit a plateau with your waist cinching and asset building?  The solution to that is to mix it up with some advanced core glute activation moves and yoga stretches featured in video here.  

detailed explanation of 12 moves that will shrink your waist & get you booty curves in the video...

There are 12 moves in the video here but the great news is you only have to go through this entire circuit one time.  The most important tips to remember with every single exercise is to engage your upper back, engage your deep abdominals to protect your back and use your core and glutes to do the work.  On the stretches you can hold them for 3-5 deep breaths making sure to engage(contract) opposing muscles slightly to increase mobility and deepen the stretch with each exhalation.  

If you're a beginner this shrink your waist booty curves video may not be appropriate for you

NONE of the yoga moves in this video are for beginners and some may not be appropriate for intermediates either.   The exercises and stretches featured in the video here are quite advanced and require that you already have a very good level of fitness and good core and glute stability.  

If you're a beginner you need to start with YBFF then work your way up to Corset Core & Love Your Booty before you start adding in this type of advanced movement.  Remember that training at a level that is appropriate for your body will get you to your body shape goal faster with reduced risk of injury.

If you're intermediate and are familiar with many of the modifications I teach in my plans or in my other videos then feel free to do this but don't push yourself beyond your level.  This is not that type of workout.  This routine is all about good body alignment, slow controlled movement, breathing, function, integration and especially 

workout gear tips to shrink your waist & booty curves faster

There are endless ways you can modify exercises if you don't have a foam roller or a ball but doing the moves on the equipment featured in the video makes the exercises way more effective.  If you follow my instagram you'll see tons of pics and video of ways to do the moves above different ways. 

 For example the foam roller kneeling core activation can be done on a mega ball or with knee on a block.  You can also use a mega ball or chair or straps for a single leg bridge with leg circles.  Also the yellow ball was a substitute for a yoga block that was misplaced when I filmed this.  Something that helps me to find modifications that work for my body is to learn more exercises.  You can do that by checking out new books or following ybff social feed or you can even ask me on the body type page too!