4 simple moves that shrink waist & create a slimmer sexier feminine waist

According to the CDC the average American woman over 20  is 5 feet 3.8 inches tall weighs 166 pounds and has a waist size of 37.5 inches.  Not only does a large waist size increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer but it can really do a number on your self esteem.  

**The 37.5" measurement is shown in pic here around my 25" waist ( I am the same height as CDC stat) .  But even if you're not the average American woman chances are you're struggling to slim your waist even with strict dieting and hardcore exercises and you may be feeling that a slimmer waist just isn't possible.  

If this is the case then I strongly encourage you to get started with the shrink your waist exercises and stretches featured below.  These moves work to slim your waist in a very different way than traditional exercise does and the best part is they are so simple and can become part of your warmup routine for other workouts...

4 shrink waist exercises & tips

The video here shows a quick preview of the 4 exercises and 2 stretches.  A narrated video with more info and tips is coming in a couple of days.   Exercise descriptions and more exercise info and helpful links below video. 

Supine lower body rotation lock with arm reach - Lay on yoga mat and bring right knee up to the chest then rotate the lower body to place right knee on a yoga block.  Keep upper body on floor and hook left knee on top of right ankle to lock the right leg down.  Place left hand on right knee and lay right arm on floor straight and overhead with palm up.  Now without allowing your knee to lift off the yoga block lift left arm towards ceiling.  This requires some rotation of the upper body to the right.  Lower slowly and repeat up to 8 times then repeat on the other side.

Supine lower body rotation lock with shoulder rotation - Start in the same position as last exercise except lay with right arm on floor out to the side palm up.  Place left hand on right knee and keep it there the entire time.  Now without allowing your knee to lift off the block raise and bend right arm to place right hand palm down directly behind your hips then slide the hand up towards your bra strap.  Go as high as you can without forcing your shoulder and keep hand flat on floor.  Repeat up to 8 times then repeat on other side.

Bent leg mobility lower body rotation - Lay on yoga mat with knees bent, yoga block between your knees and arms straight out to the sides resting on floor.  Lift knees over hips and feet even with knees (not dipping down to floor).  Engage the deep abdominals as you rotate the lower body to the right until you feel a nice stretch in the back then return to center and rotate to the left side.  

**This is not an oblique isolation exercise but is a gentle back stretch that also activates the deep abs so be sure not to use your obliques to perform the movement.  Remember that oblique exercises build waist muscle and thicken the waist while deep abdominal exercises shrink waist naturally and build a strong healthy spine.

Straight leg stability lower body rotation - Start in the same position as the previous exercise except decrease the width of the yoga block between the knees and straighten the legs.  Rotate the right palm down and slowly lower the legs towards the right hand.  As soon as you feel the legs begin to get heavy contract the deep abdominals hard to return to center then repeat on the left side making sure to switch hand position.  You can also do all reps to one side then the other if switching hand positions is difficult to remember while trying to control the legs.  

Again this is not an oblique exercise but a low back stability exercise that teaches the corset muscles to contract and stabilize the spine as the heavy legs place weight on the spine.

shrink waist issues require simple solutions but simple doesn't mean easy...

One of the main reasons women struggle to shrink waist is they take an overly aggressive approach that ends up bulking instead of slimming the waist.  Often times what the female body needs to slim an area isn't more or harder it's better quality food and better quality exercise which is what these exercises are all about.  Here's how these moves are different than other traditional waist slimming moves: 

1. These shrink waist exercises work in a more subtle way than corset training exercise do by restoring torso and hip rotation that a majority of people have lost due to linear and squat dominant fitness plans as well as sedentary lifestyles and injuries from overly aggressive metabolic training that everybody seems to be doing these days.

2. These shrink waist exercises affect your posture in ways that only a 300 page book on corrective exercise could explain and having read this very boring book I will assure you that while this stuff is easy and looks like the type of thing old people do in bed for exercise even highly trained athletes struggle with these moves and often avoid them because they are incredibly humbling.

3. Because these exercises shrink your waist by restoring functional movement and posture you may experience soreness and/or pain that you've never felt before such as stiff neck, headaches, jaw pain, upper back tightness, mid back soreness, loss of strength with your regular exercises, etc. Why? The reason is that most people's bodies are accustomed to performing exercise with faulty movement patterns and breaking dysfunctional movement patterns is very hard on the body BUT the results are totally worth it!  Ready to get started or what...