shrink your waist with aerial dance rope exercises

by monica

Aerial dance rope exercises burn tons of fat and calories, strengthen and tone your back, arms, core, butt,legs. They also shrink your waist and improve, stability, balance, mobility, and flexibility. But best of all they're so fun it doesn't feel like you're exercising!

The rope exercises featured in this video are very similar to the Jukari workouts developed by Cirque du Soleil for Reebok studios in major cities. They're also similar to what we do in aerial trapeze dance class so if you've ever wondered what it would be like to fly around on an aerial trapeze these simple exercises will give you a general feel for that.

The entire rope setup was $6. So $3 for a large weight bearing hook and $3 for nylon rope about the length of a jump rope. If you have a suspension trainer you can use that instead and you won't struggle as much with your grip. I have both but felt like using the rope for a change.

Rope Exercises Tips:

Keep the weight in the heels when you're squatting and land softly if you are doing the flying squat version. Use your back muscles to open your straight arms all the way back behind the body without over arching your low back.

Notice the arm position during flying squats is different than during regular squats; arms go back as you jump and in when you squat but with regular squats arms go back when you squat and in when you stand.

If inverted rows are too challenging step the feet back a bit to make it easier and be sure to only progress to the hip thrust row with twist if you have the core and shoulder stability to do it without struggling. You can also eliminate the twisting portion to make the advanced version slightly easier.

With the twisting leap be sure to row your weight in towards the ropes using your back and arms as you jump turn and land softly. This exercise is very fun and looks easy but actually requires a lot of core, back and shoulder stability.

Here is a Jukari basics video

Here is what beginner aerial trapeze is like. I haven't been to class in about a year because I've been too busy but I am trying to find an online class for straps aerial that I can do at home.

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