shoulder pain injury motivation and video filming break update

by monica

Remember a few months ago when I had both shoulders taped up in KT tape? I actually wrote an entire article on workout injury tips that shows various KT tape shoulder pics and pain management solutions.

The truth is I've been dealing with this left shoulder issue on and off since 2009 when I was constantly un-racking super heavy dumbbells at the gym for my male clients (lifting two 65 lb db off the top rack isn't easy for a short person like me). I never bothered seeing a doctor or body therapist about it back then because I was managing the soreness in my neck jaw head and upper back without too much trouble.

But after years of ignoring this seemingly small problem, like many athletes ignore their nagging aches pains and overuse injuries, the shoulder situation came to a head when I woke up one morning unable to lift my left arm and my neck and jaw were in horrible pain and practically locked in place.

I got a massage got taped up did some restorative yoga and again refused to see a professional about this. And things were fine until a few weeks ago when the pain came back. This time the pain was more subtle and had a more emotional/psychological effect.

Basically I was waking up most mornings with headaches and feeling stiff exhausted unhappy and craving all kinds of sugary things. My recent article on diet saboteurs explains how pain has the power to trigger intense sugar cravings just so you can feel good for a few minutes.

I started taking OTC pain meds once a day but continued filming bodycon workout videos which didn't help the situation until one day I completely lost my motivation to workout. That's when I knew something was really wrong.

My body was doing everything to let me know that I needed to go see a doctor but I wasn't listening. Pain, mobility issues, headaches, fatigue, unusual cravings, and no motivation are all signs that your body needs serious fixing.

So I finally went to my doctor and he did some tests to see if I had a shoulder tear. He told me I had good upper body strength and no tear but then he did one test that almost brought me to tears and informed me that I had shoulder tendinitis. That's it I said. Oh boy!!! All these years of ignoring this problem was probably making it worst.

So right now I'm on prescribed anti-inflammatory meds, doing rehab exercises, taking time off from upper body workouts and any movement that might aggravate my shoulder and looking for a physical therapist that will work with me short term.

What this means is I can't film bodycon videos for a month since doc says no lifting over 40 lb for 4 weeks. My bodyweight is more than that so no planks no pressing no bodyweight rows. What I can do is lower body stuff, walking, hiking, and core work that doesn't require planking and some very light db upper body work.

This is very annoying and it seems like I've been dealing with these types of overuse injuries every 6-7 years but so do a lot of other really fit really active people I know. My doctor said the body does wear down as we get older so maybe I need to start training my chronological age (soon 45) and not my psychological age (not 25) ha ha. Or maybe I just need to focus on releasing the tension then really strengthening my shoulders just like I did with my hip when I had that hip bursitis injury in 2011.

*This stress relief routine has helped release loads of upper back neck jaw tension without placing any pressure on my shoulders.

I'll keep you updated on bodycon video status as I get better. In the mean time I'll be filming plenty of other lower body and core videos and hope you're o.k. with that : ) Got a shoulder issue? Tell me about it! Seriously comment below...

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