short shorts mini skirts and body shaming tips

by monica

Got body shaming issues?  So does everybody on this planet!

Got body shaming issues? So does everybody on this planet!

Got body shaming issues?  So does everybody on this planet! Body shaming stops damaging your self esteem and body image when you decide to accept the body you were handed at birth. In the words of one of my favorite drag queens Alyssa Edwards

My brother recently told me that his beautiful wife who is a very skinny natural ruler body type is ashamed to wear shorts. That same week one of our teen girls said that women who aren't lean should cover up and not wear shorts or short skirts.

What is up with all the body shaming lately! It doesn't matter if you have skinny chicken legs, thick thunder thighs, cellulite covered flabby thighs or super muscular legs, SOMEBODY in your life will have something to say about it and usually it isn't good. I've been body shamed on just about everything from bodyfat percentage to muscularity to skin color to puny calves to lack of ripped abs and small boobs so I know how you feel big time!

Now I could post some positive body image tips that you see all over the place like: "what people in the world think of you is really none of your business" Martha Graham or "everything has beauty but not everyone sees it" Confucius and let's not forget "haters gonna hate" but the reality is that what people say to you about your appearance becomes your business the minute they express their opinion to you (especially those you love or are close to) and what they say hurts and can damage your self esteem and body image for a long time.

So how do you overcome body shaming and feel good enough about your body to wear short shorts or short skirts or bikinis or whatever else you feel like wearing? You accept the body that you're born with and you take care of it as best you can with healthy foods and a healthy exercise routine that makes you feel happy and empowered.

See the shaming you feel from others usually starts in your own mind and the minute you can let go of self shaming and accept the body you got at birth is the minute that all those comments that people make about your body will stop mattering to you. It's also the minute that you will start making better choices and improving your health and body too.

Trust me when I say that it doesn't matter how fit lean toned and sexy you get somebody will always have some snarky remark to make about your bodyfat or your legs or arms or weight or face or age or whatever! It never ends from other people's end but it can end from yours if you choose to think more positively about your own body and what you can accomplish with your body.

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