5 get sexy exercises to get you your perfectly sexy female body

Every month I feature dozens of exercises to help you get your sexy female body; in articles, blog posts, in videos and in pics on all ybff social media feeds.  So while there may only be 7 movement patterns there are endless movement variations of those patterns which is great considering how quickly your body and mind adapt to exercises once you start getting super fit.  The 5 moves featured here are great for perfecting your sexy figure but chances are you're still not doing them regularly.  Here's how and why to start adding these in to your routine right away...

sexy female body exercise 1:  break dancing plank

If you read the article: is your plank routine bulking your core? then you know exactly why a dynamic exercise like this is key to sculpting a lean toned sexy figure.  Not only does this dynamic plank exercise burn more fat and calories than any static plank it also integrates deep abdominal (corset muscle) training with full body movement that shifts your weight from side to side on one arm and involves a backbend too.  

So instead of isolating your core you use it the way nature intended and you get stronger plus slim your waist instead of bulking it like most isolation side planks do.  The added bonus of this move is you'll feel like you're break dancing like dancers on Randy Jackson's ABDC (America's Best Dance Crews).


Mini band lateral jumps is a super fun move that was recently featured in the best booty exercises circuit and is great for anybody who needs to burn some fat, build a round firm butt plus strengthen back and core.  It can easily be added to any YBFF circuit in place of mini band multi directional walks, mini band lateral jumps or thera band ballet jumps. 

If you have Love Your Booty & YBFF plans then feel free to replace any move with mini bands with this one for added fat burning, glute development and core activation/strengthening and be sure to engage that core for stability.

SEXY FEMALE BODY EXERCISE 3: Dancing Goddess squat

What's better than a sexy exercise with the name goddess in it?  An exercise that actually makes you look and feel like a goddess too and this move does all that and more.  The ballet dancer squat with twist (also known as a goddess squat in yoga) has been featured in stress management exercises article as well as the hot for the holidays video series on ybff  youtube.  

It's one of the most important exercises for flattening your abs and shrinking your waist because it lengthens those evil hip flexors that distort posture and pooch out your abs.  It also strengthens the lower body without bulking the thighs and can burn tons of fat if you choose the version in the burn fat exercises circuit.

SEXY FEMALE BODY EXERCISE 4:   Twisting mermaid press getup

Are you the kind of person who likes a little evil with your sexy exercise? Then this move is for you!  It's been featured in a few circuits available for subscribers and even though it looks like a cute little exercise I promise you it is an incredibly challenging move that slims your thighs and boosts booty and shrinks your waist.

I learned the basics of the shinbox while I was on a tactical fitness plan designed for special forces guys.  If you do a search on youtube for this you will only find hardcore tough guys who kill or fight people for a living doing this exercise and the reason is it improves your lower body mobility as well as functional strength in ways many other lower body exercises don't.  I added the twisting portion and mermaid press to work the arms and core more and love this move because it works!

SEXY FEMALE BODY EXERCISE 5:  Twisted straps pulling

Of course this list would not be complete without a straps pulling move.  I'm sure you're tired of hearing it but exercise straps rowing is so beneficial to your entire back, core, posture and fat metabolism that it bears repeating over and over because most women just don't get how amazing this type of movement is for a sexy figure. 

All you have to do is look at the bodies of rope aerial dancers to know what I'm saying is true.  They're lean toned fit strong and sexy not bulky.  The alternating straps row was featured in my freestyle fitness video in the home cardio exercises article and makes an excellent progression for any type of dumbbell or band rowing.