get sexy exercise workout & sexy videos that offend or inspire

Before we get to the new get sexy exercise workout inspired by Kylie Minogue's controversial sexercize video let's get into why being a sexy woman seems to be o.k. for some and not for others.  When Beyonce gets all sexual in her videos women praise her sexuality and put her on a pedestal as some type of female empowerment Goddess.   When Kylie Minogue a 45 year old cancer survivor gets sexual in her video then that's going too far.   Why?

Is it because she's white, single, older and clearly not with a man but humping an exercise ball and dancing with other girls?  I think adult women should be free to express their sexuality any way they like because different things appeal to different people.  So  although the Beyonce video is more "my life" I just can't relate to her brand of sexuality and find her boring and unoriginal but I can relate more to Kylie Minogue.  Not sure why. .. 

Like Mrs. Carter I've been in a long term relationship for nearly 8 years, enjoy getting sexy with my man.  We also have kids and I am a successful business woman. So why is it that I can relate more to Kylie Minogue than I can to "Yonce"?  Maybe she's just more fun to me.   

partition vs. kyle's sexy exercise video

Here's "Yonce" singing about backseat sex and bj's with her hubby.  She's a young wife mother business woman so young women think she's the queen B.  I think she's meh, plus she stole every look and move in her video from Le Crazy Horse De Paris.   

Beyonce got her moves from this crazy horse girls video

Below is Kylie Minogue's controversial sexercize video.  She's a 45 year old cancer survivor who has inspired plenty of my sexy exercise workouts and gets me excited to spend some "quality" time with my man of 8 years.   Not sure why but I find her brand of sexuality way more empowering than Beyonce's song lyrics or video antics which brings up the important point that your sexuality is a personal thing.  

What some find appealing and sexy others find offensive and lewd.  So why judge.  Why not just find what inspires you to get sexy and don't bother with anything that doesn't because it's not worth the energy drain hating on anybody for how they choose to express their female sexiness.  

get sexy exercise workout video preview

Here's the sexy exercise workout I filmed and am in the process of narrating.  The full workout video with narration is coming soon and will be on the new password protected page:  sexiest female body.