9 sexy butt workout tips that work for all body types + 4 min. sexy booty workout

One of my favorite things about booty training is the endless number of sexy butt workout tips and butt workout options that work for all body types.  If you're a beginner all this stuff may seem overwhelming but it's actually quite simple and as you get fitter you'll be so grateful for the variety of training tricks and exercises that you can add to your arsenal of best butt workout routines.  In the video below you can watch a very simple continuous movement workout that incorporates all 9 tips and if you try this mini workout you'll experience how simple effective booty training can be haha...

9 sexy butt workout tips & tricks that work for all booty and body types

Activate your butt before a workout with any glute activation exercises you prefer.  Doing this ensure your booty muscles will be firing and working.

Core integration during your booty exercises boosts results because your corset muscles can improve stability, balance, range of motion, intensity, complexity, tempo, and pretty much every other booty training variable.

Pulse your booty exercises when you want to place more stretch on the muscle to make it work harder.  This is not the best trick for complete beginners but a must for intermediates to advanced. 

Balance poses during a booty workout train your glutes the way they actually work in real life.    Your butt muscles are not just primary movers they are also key to staying upright and functional when you're walking/running/hiking, going upstairs, getting in and out of your car especially as you get older.

Gyrate movement also called turning, spiraling or circling is also something we do in every day life.  Our bodies are designed to go in all directions and experience various planes of movement and when you train a spiraling pattern you boost glute activation as well as function and fitness level.

Integrate other body part movement into your booty workout training because seriously when in life do you only move your legs?   If you question this just cross your arms across your chest and compare the difference to swinging arms around the body or overhead as you do lunges.  The difference in intensity will surprise you.

Tempo is such a fun variable to play with and mixing it up as much as you like during a workout creates an element of unexpected intensity that your butt muscles respond to instantly.  It also makes sexy butt workout routnies feel more sexy.  I shared tons more tips on manipulating training variables in Love Your Booty plan.

Range of motion is the one variable that so  any women fail to improve or work on.  So many women work in a tiny range that doesn't fully target the glutes and limits results so if you want better sexy butt workout results be sure to work a full range as often as possible..

Complexity is exactly what every single circuit and workout here at ybff is all about.  When you expand the complexity of your movement your body continues to improve as you get older and you avoid training plateaus and stagnation.  The 4 min. workout in video here is a perfect example of complexity and all the other tips listed above too.

pb&g sexy butt workout instructions and tips

If you want to try the workout in the pb&g video (pulse balance gyrate) just pick a song that's 3-4 min. long and work the exercise combo continuously for the length of your song.  

I chose Annie Lenox's cold which was slow and perfect for the type of sexy butt training I was after that day but you can choose any type of song.  I sometimes choose faster songs to work continuous movement workouts.  It just depends on what my body needs that day.

If you're a total beginner and find this too challenging you can break down the moves into 3 separate moves so alternating curtsey for 1 min. then balance lateral leg extension for 1 min. then spiraling lunge for 1 min.  These 3 moves are actually from a longer circuit in Love Your Booty plan which is a great way to learn how to string together complex movement.

here's the video that inspired me to use this song for a sexy booty workout 

*This video is crazy sexy chair dancing by Demi Moore in Striptease movie.  if you got issues with that don't watch it.