Best butt exercises for curvy sexy booty with killer side butt!  Wait what's side butt gotta do with it...

Below are some of the best butt exercises for curvy sexy booty and if you're doing these and all the other best butt exercises from Love Your Booty & YBFF plans in the right amounts for your unique body type then your side butt view will be just as sexy as your back view as shown in my booty workout here... 

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Got side butt?  Then you got a curvy sexy booty! Butt first a reality check

Alright so before I get to the sexy booty exercises and workout I have to tell you that as a ruler body type with cone body type tendencies from years of training in the gym it is very difficult to maintain muscle on the butt as I get older.  I'm talking hard as hell to keep my booty big curvy and round.  

The reality of my life is that I teach 3 workout classes a week, practice dance choreography for hours a week every month for shows plus I love to hike and walk in my free time.   All this makes maintaining a big booty difficult so some months when things get hectic I just can not keep up with the big booty training. 

I still workout but nowhere near as hard as I need to maintain my assets the way I like but then when I get performance pics from shows and I see my side butt looking flatter than I like I get really annoyed!

Good news is YOU don't have to worry about this if you stick to YBFF & Love Your Booty body type training schedules outlined in the fitness plan ebooks.  When I was doing the same 2 years ago before burlesque took over my life maintaining a bigger butt wasn't anywhere near as hard!

Now if you are a cone or ruler body type and you're doing buttloads of cardio or dance workouts then be aware that getting and keeping a bootylicious behind is going to be a challenge.  If you've got my fitness plan ebooks then you probably already know that and have a few of my secrets to maintaining sexy assets.  Alright so on to the sexy booty exercises and workout...

Sexy Booty Workout & Tips

The actual workout I did was about 50 min. long but I only filmed the very end of it when it got really intense.  Looking back I feel I should've started with these moves then finished up with the rest so that's how I will list it below:

Warmup 10 min.:  You NEED a substantial mobility warmup for this circuit no exceptions.  I've featured many types of warmups before or you can try the ones in YBFF plans too.  Be sure not to skip this!

Superset 1 about 8-10 min.: Perform 6-8 reps of each move on each side.  This is superset is challenging and the point is to get as deep as you can while maintaining a wide stance on first two moves.  

The last move is a recovery move so you train back and core while resting the booty a bit then you can repeat the superset 1-2 more times

  • Start with 2 rounds of x band db sumo squats to 1 leg deadlift hip extension 
  • Straps ATG squat (ass to grass if you didn't know) to incline row
  • Straps lawnmower pulls if adv. or power pulls if beginner to int

Giant circuit 30 min.: Perform 1 round of the giant circuit and set a timer so you finish it within 30 min or 25 min. if possible.  All the exercises are listed in order they should be performed and have been featured many times in videos, articles and in all my plans so if you have no idea what they are you need to get a copy of Love Your Booty/YBFF/Corset Core combo pack to learn how.  

  • supine lower body twist
  • goddess twisting squat
  • gliding disc lunge
  • cossack lunge
  • straps W drill
  • straps bodyweight lunge (fingertips touching floor)
  • straps inverted row
  • bent over lunge row
  • corkscrew plank
  • bulgarian lunge with heaviest db you can handle
  • gliding disc lunge with heaviest db you can handle
  • stiff leg db deadlift
  • db single leg deadlift
  • supine feet elevated x band abduction to bridge
  • x band jump squat 

**Notice how there are back and core moves thrown in.  This is so your glutes don't get too fatigued and to avoid injury!  Rep ranges are entirely up to you.  I was working anywhere from 8-10 on most exercises each side.

So basically I did the giant circuit first then finished up with 2 rounds of the superset.  I DO NOT recommend this unless you are VERY advanced at movement patterns and recovery.