Sexy Body Workout Tips

Getting a lean, toned, healthy, sexy body is like cooking the perfect dish. You need all the right ingredients in the right amounts, the right tools, plus adequate time to sculpt your curves. This is easier than you think when you look beyond quick fixes and outdated traditional workouts.

Choose The Right Fitness Gear

Cardio machines and other expensive fitness equipment can help you get in shape but results take a long time because machines do not target every inch of your body with challenging and functional movement patterns that also boost health.

If you are serious about getting your sexy body faster you need to stick with free weights, challenging body weight exercises, and fun at home fitness gear most of the time.

Training with affordable at home gear and body weight moves allows a wider range of movement that is more demanding which means you burn more fat/calories and tone up faster.  It also improves health, function, and exercise motivation long term so you get visible results from the dynamic exercises faster plus they keep exercise fun and fun is what keeps you going with your sexy body workout plan so you can maintain your sexy body results too.

Go from Simple To Complex Exercises

Start with simple circuits that include basic moves then gradually start combining some of those exercises into more complex moves. This keeps things fun but also helps you burn more fat and calories as you begin to get fit.

One of the worst workout mistakes that women make with their sexy body workout routine is never advancing beyond basic exercises and workouts to more complex exercises and workout routines.

For example basic squat, basic lunges, basic pushups, basic dumbbells rows is o.k. for total beginners but combine 3 of those into one move like the squat jack ball toss reverse lunge hop to spinal rock pullover, then you've got a more complex move that gets results even faster especially if your body has already adapted to the basics.

Examples of Complex Exercises:

  • db stiff leg deadlift to overhead press
  • db curtsey lunge to side raise
  • pushup with hip extension (from knees or regular if more advanced)
  • squat to alternating db lunge plus row
  • db squat to single leg overhead press
  • touch touch to single arm tabletop w/twist
  • sandbell twisting lunge
  • sandbell twisting jumps
  • lateral mountain climbers (legs going in semi circle instead of in and back)

There are many other types of complex movement that can help you get a sexy body including any type of dance workouts such as: aerial danceballet workout, burlesque dance workouts, flow yogahula hoop exercise and jump rope workouts.  I've written many articles about all these types of fitness options because creating a balanced fitness routine that challenges your body in various ways is really the secret to getting your sexy curvy female figure faster.   

This burlesque inspired ball workout includes plenty of complex moves that are both fun and challenging.  Instructions and video for burlesque ball fitness circuit are here.

Feed Your Mind Body & Spirit The Right Fuels

They say getting a sexy body is 80% diet and 20% workout but the truth is that healthy eating matters 100% smarter workouts matter 100% and having the right mindset/attitude also matters 100%.

If you think negative thoughts about your body or your efforts or your ability to lose fat and get fit then your results will be negative too.  Your mind is always busy figuring out ways to turn your thoughts into reality so be sure to feed it positive images, thoughts and feelings if you want to transform it faster. What you feed your mind is the key to having unstoppable exercise motivation.

It's also what motivates you to eat better and train smarter so be sure not to underestimate the power of positive thinking and positive feelings. Your brain needs this fuel to help you reach your sexy body workout goals. A great way to feed your mind and spirit more positive fuel is to create a fitness vision board that makes you feel good about yourself.

Below is one of the vision boards that helped me build this entire site.  I wrote some quick tips about how to create a vision board that works and included a few more of my fitness vision boards in that article too.

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