7 Sexy Body Secrets for effortless bodyfat maintenance and your fittest sexiest figure for life...

Are you ignoring the 7 sexy body secrets that get you a sexy fit figure?  Are you like I was years ago obsessed with the latest vegan, paleo, keto, juicing diet fads and HIIT insanity but frustrated with the lack of results from all your efforts?

It's kind of unfortunate that most of us have to waste so much time on nonsense diets & crazy workouts before we discover the true secrets of effortless weight and bodyfat maintenance, the secret eating tricks that are rarely discussed by most fitness gurus and the really weird exercise tricks many of them don't even know because they've not worked with actual clients in person. 

These superfood and exercise secrets are the only thing you need to achieve optimum health, true fitness and a sexy figure.  Take it from me somebody who failed on every diet known to woman for nearly 2 decades.  These 7 sexy body secrets work for any woman but especially for every day women.

Top 3 sexy body secrets for healthy meals

Simple - It's not complicated!  All those insane cooking shows and those crazy Vitamix recipes are not required to get lean fit and sexy.  Keeping your recipes and cooking simple is really the only way you'll be able to eat healthy long term but simple is not what most plans offer and that is why women all over social constantly talk about how they're "off plan or off the wagon or off the rails or so far off". 

I've seen more posts about this lately than ever before and it's mind blowing how hard people think it is because other fitness pros focus on diets and not on practical eating.  If you need simple tips be sure to check out both YBFF fatloss meals guide and hourglass eating guides.

Sensible - Do you ever feel like common sense has just gone out the window these, days especially with eating?  If a recipe or diet plan has you hunting all over town for one ingredient as a client of mine recently did then that isn't sensible eating.  If a meal plan requires you to prep for an entire day just to eat healthy all week that isn't sensible eating.  If a diet plan forces you to eat foods your body doesn't process well  that isn't sensible eating.  A sensible eating plan looks and feels like common sense in your unique life.  

Satisfying - This may come as a shocker to many but your meals have the potential to satiate you for hours or make you feel starved deprived and hangry all day.  It's crazy to think but so many women chose the latter option just because it's trendy or everybody around them is doing it.  But ask yourself this question:  What diet were those folks previously raving about and why are they now on new diet?  Is it because their results from previous diet failed?   An eating plan this is right for your unique metabolic type satisfies you all day every day, is healthy for your body and gets you sexy forever too.

#1 sexy body secret exercise trick

Have you noticed that other fitness pros are very  slowly catching on to the cutting edge posture exercise secret I've been writing about for years?  First time I noticed a major difference in my core and booty was in 2006 when I took a pain posture performance course to help clients struggling with low energy, poor recovery and stubborn fat. 

I started trying the moves to learn how to teach them and noticed my abs got way flatter, waist slimmer and booty more round.  But it wasn't until I got Pilates certified and started doing it more consistently that I really noticed the huge difference.  I've shared tons of posture exercises over the years but all the best posture moves are here.

3 more sexy body secrets for simple sensible satisfying meals...

Superfood Smoothies - Want to make your eating life super simple?  Incorporate superfood smoothies into your weekly meals.  You don't have to do them daily and can have them for breakfast or lunch when it's more convenient for you to throw a bunch of ingredients in a blender than it is to cook.  I shared a few really great recipes in my smoothies article and there are tons in YBFF fatloss meals and hourglass waist eating guides.

Superfood Soups - Need to satisfy your hunger and teach your body how to get used to a modest calorie intake that matches your actual activity level?  Superfood soups are one of the best ways to do that.  They fill you up and help you get accustomed to eating adequate calories for your needs. One of my favorite soup recipes that is ready in 5 min. is this veggie soup I posted on ig. 

Start your lunch or dinner with this and notice how much easier it is to cut back on starchy carbs and protein at meals.  You can even add protein and a few carbs to turn it into a quick meal. **Remember that as women we don't need as many calories as we've been led to believe and nutrient dense soups help with calorie control so much!

Superfood Salads - If soup isn't your thing then adding a raw veggie salad to most meals is also a great way to boost nutrition, satisfaction and calorie control.  But remember that you have to actually use greens and other raw veggies not just lettuce and tomato.  If you need ideas check out my salads article or recipes in both YBFF eating guides. 

The best thing about salads is you can add them to breakfast lunch and dinner.  Top an egg omelette with a salad, add 1/2 cup chicken and 1/2 cup quinoa to a huge salad for lunch or have a big kale salad with fish and 1/2 baked sweet potato for dinner.  Salad are so versatile you can even add fruit, nuts, cheese to them just be careful with quantities of those non veggie ingredients.

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