Dynamic sexy back workout & tips to slim your back and sculpt round curvy booty

Got a wide back?  Got back fat?  Got square shapeless booty?  These are all issues that many visitors at YBFF struggle with and that I too need to stay on top of to avoid wide torso shape and maintain sexy back!  

The moves and tips in this dynamic sexy back workout are based on my Lose Back Fat circuit from Corset Core Workout Plan and are great for getting or maintaining a slim back and a round curvy booty.  Best of all this workout can be done outdoors, as shown in video, or indoors as explained in tips.   

Sexy back workout instructions & indoors option

Right before filming this workout I had been on a fun quick hike/photoshoot which was my warmup so before you get started with the workout be sure to warmup for 5-10 min. with a brisk walk or circuits of jumping jacks, squats or bench step ups, and elevated mountain climbers (hands on bench or chair).

Sexy Back Workout Instructions:  Perform 10-15 reps of first two exercises followed by 30-60 reps of rope work then repeat the circuit 5 more times.  As you can see in video two rounds will take you just over 3 min. to complete so 6 total rounds will take 9 min. max. 

If doing the rounds with no rest between rounds feels too difficult take quick 10-15 sec breaks between rounds but not longer than that.  You want to keep this as intense as possible to burn maximum fat.

Indoors Option:  Instead of heavy band rows do inverted rope or straps rows or db rows.  Instead of jump rope do chair steps ups or run in place or rolling ropes as shown in instagram videos.  

Sexy back workout tips for better results

  • Use resistance bands or suspension trainer foot position that feels cardio intense not muscle intense.  This is a metabolic circuit so the focus is strength, lean muscle and fat burning not muscle building or bulk :)
  • If jump rope or rolling ropes feels too challenging you have other options including step ups, chair lateral jumps, run in place high knees, jump lunges, etc.  Do what works for you as long as you train intense!
  • If 5 rounds feels beyond your fitness level then start with 2-3 rounds then work up to 4 then 5-6 rounds.  This may take you a few weeks or a few months the point is to push yourself more each time until you can complete 6 rounds.
  • If you can complete 6 rounds BUT it takes you way longer than 9 min. then focus on improving your form and time each circuit and each time you do this workout until you CAN complete this in 9 min.  More intense work in less time = more fatloss and better fitness levels.
  • These movement patterns are very basic so if they feel too easy try adding a lunge to the row, add a ball toss or ball roll to the travelling squat and try more jump rope patterns as shown in my jump rope workouts article.