5 fun & challenging sexy back exercises to strengthen tone & tighten your back  

Back fat is one of the biggest trouble zones for women who visit our site which is why I've posted various articles and videos about this in the past including the lose back fat workout and the how to lose back fat exercises guide.  There are dozens of sexy back exercises that will tighten and tone your back from resistance band back exercises to suspension trainer back moves to dumbbell and bodyweight back exercises. 

Your options are truly endless which I understand can get confusing so below is a simple and quick sexy back exercises video that includes all the best  back moves from all the best back workouts at ybff plus a couple of new ones too.  This along with the simple back workout tips will help you get that sexy back you really want.

sexy back exercises workout

Watch the video to see the simple challenging and quick sexy back exercises and remember that any of these sexy back exercises can be modified to your level.  And don't forget to check out the top 7 sexy back workout tips for even better results.

7 sexy back workout tips

1.  Focus more on narrow grips.  When you want to build a big wide back you use big wide grips but if you simply want to strengthen tone and tighten then narrow grips are best.  More in the video on keeping your arms close to your body as you row.

2.  Don't forget your triceps and rear shoulders.  Your triceps and rear shoulders are not technically your back but how toned they look does make a big impact on how tight and toned your back looks.  Now since they are not agonist muscles (helping muscles) when you're doing rowing or pulling you can work them hard and still be able to row or pull moderately heavy weight efficiently without fatigue.

3.  Train your back type right.  Knowing your body type is key to doing the right frequency and weight/sets/reps of sexy back moves.  The more cone or ruler shaped you are the less you need to work back.  The more hourglass or pyramid you are the more you can work back to balance a generous bottom.  But there are variations even within body types so learning how your body responds to frequency is also key.  All this is explained in ybff plans here.

10 more quick sexy back exercises in this vlogmas video

4.  Be sure to incorporate chest openers.  Exercises like flys, pullovers or resistance band pulls that open the chest work the entire back side but they also improve posture and back alignment.  This helps you to have better technique in all your sexy back exercises which boosts strengthening and toning results.

5.  Add in some corset training exercises.  Your entire core is protected by ribs and back muscles so technically your back is a big part of your core and only functions well as a result of good core activation.  When you do corset training moves along with your back exercises you train your core to cinch tightly which makes pulling all the back muscles in tight easier.  It's like having a steel boned corset with really strong laces.

6.  Keep it dynamic for fat burning.  When your goal is not muscle building or a huge wide V back then adding in fat burning intervals to your back moves is crucial to keeping the workout metabolic. Any time you boost the metabolic effect of a back exercise you prevent bulking from excess muscle building.  This is the reason bodybuilders stay away from fat burning moves until they are done mass building.  What you want is the opposite of what they do!

7.  Use weight that is challenging with excellent form.  So what exactly IS a challenging weight?  That varies from person to person based on a multitude of factors but basically it should feel about between a 7-9 out of 10 in terms of how challenging it is to lift by your last few reps.  Anything less than this does nothing.  Anything more will build a bigger back.