sexy assets circuit & tips for a wow booty!

This quick and simple sexy assets circuit  may only require two ankle weights and two mini bands but it literally kicks your butt, carves out sexy booty curves and gets you that upside down heart butt shape you desire and that makes people go wow I want a butt like that... 

In case you're wondering the smaller pics on right are from recent performances in March and May and looking at the bottom right pic you can see how close people are to you.  If you don't wear tights like other performers EVERY flaw is on display when you're performing.

sexy assets circuit options & tips

There are 4 ways you can do this sexy ass circuit!  Yes 4 ways means more versatility which is great for customizing to your unique booty situation.  

Option 1 is great for beginners and only requires you to complete the first 8 exercises as a circuit once.  

Option 1 is to perform all 10 exercises as one giant circuit then stretch for 10-20 min.  

Option 3 is strictly for the insane and is same as option one except after one round you rest for 90 seconds then repeat a second time then stretch as long as you need.  

Option 4 is for those who enjoy traditional supersets.  Perform the first 4 ankle weight exercises as a circuit for 3 rounds then rest then the next 4 band exercises as a circuit for 2 rounds then if you feel like it add 1 round of the last two exercises.  This is a descending supersets option that is quick and challenging but not as intense as two giant circuits.  

*My preferred options are 1 and 4 in case you were wondering : )  Also full length video is uploading to youtube and will be ready in a few minutes in case you ran across this page before I was finished editing.

7 important get sexy assets circuit tips:

1.  Choose a weight that's challenging but that doesn't strain your back hips or knees to lift.  More about how to choose the right ankle weight for your butt workouts in the video.

2.  This is a giant circuit which means there are no breaks between exercises but if you need a few seconds to recover because your booty is on fire go ahead and take 2-3 seconds like I did in the video.  

3.  Feel free to adjust the reps to your fitness level or amount of weight you're using.  You could do as many as 15 reps if you want or as few as 6 if you need.  It's totally up to you.  For more guidance on this refer to the reps guide in Love Your Booty plan.

4.  If this is your first time doing a giant sexy assets circuit you may want to start with the love your booty plan first to build strength and endurance for this type of circuit that looks easy but is actually pure evil!

5.  Use the right types of bands for each band exercise.  A tigher harder band is good for exercises that require smaller movement i.e. abduction to hip thrust.  A loose soft band is better for exercises that require bigger movements i.e. lateral lunge side leg lift.  You'll find some great mini band options at ybff amazon shop.  

6.  Have fun with your sexy ass workout!  Just because a challenging butt circuit can feel a bit tough doesn't mean you can't have fun with it.  Breathe, wiggle your butt, shake your hips, dance it out a bit.  All this helps to release some of that muscle tension building up the glutes and makes the workout go by faster than if you hold your breath and just go through the motions.

7.  If your booty workouts are getting you great results be sure to reward yourself for a job well done.  I suggest sexy lingerie  but a massage or new shoes works too!