Sexy for Summer workout challenge starts next week!

by Monica

Summer is right around the corner and if you've made some great progress with this year's workout plan then now is the time to push it to the next level for an amazing summer body that will last you all the way thru the holidays. No kidding! If you get fitter now you'll look amazing all summer plus not struggle in the fall when the entire world conspires to reverse those killer body results.

We'll be using Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan along with various other booty and total body workouts I'm posting in the fb group to get coregeous abs and waist plus a sexy booty and tight toned arms and legs. Plus all these workouts will be making you stronger, leaner, and fitter too. There are three ways to join:

1. Corset Core Hourglass Waist + YBFF + Bodycon workout plans - This is the best option for anybody wanting to continue with other YBFF workouts later on plus it's on sale for 20% OFF! $36 vs. $45

2. Corset Core Hourglass workouts only plan - This option is great if you already have the other plans or if you only want this plan for now because you're on a budget or just want a taste of YBFF plans $21

3. Bombshell Body workout plan - A great plan with a mix of workouts from Corset Core from Love Your Booty & from Body by Burlesque. Some are password protected and others are not. It is a great way to get a feel for the full Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan for just $10

4. FREE for anybody who already has Corset Core plan

The fb group for this challenge will be posting soon over on your best female figure fb page. Be sure to follow there for info and other sneakpeeks!

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