sexy curvy body dress tips

by monica

You know that moment when you start looking for a dress or outfit to highlight your fit body results? The only thing better than that is the moment you start thinking hmmm I think I need a sexy curvy body outfit to go with even better results I'm getting since my initial transformation!

That's the moment you know you're making the body transformation you really want. Not just a basic weight loss or fatloss or fitness transformation but a body shape that makes you feel confident enough to want to show off a bit.

Nothing wrong with that and definitely a huge motivatior for many of my clients and me too! So here's some tips to help you find that rewarding dress, jeans, bikini or other.

1. Try for an item that shows off what you're most proud of improving. Maybe it's your legs or your booty or maybe your abs, arms or more curves. For me that was short shorts to show off my dancer legs, then a bikini and lingerie to celebrate my abs/waist, and now a body hugging dress to show off a more curvy body.

2. Look for an item that isn't super expensive. This type of vanity motivation is fleeting so spending less will feel just as good as spending more and you'll eventually move on to other fun items and other fun goals. Don't get attached to this outcome and you'll make even more progress with your body.

3. Be easy on yourself if the item you try doesn't fit quite like you expected. That doesn't diminish your sexy body progress! Sometimes certain clothes don't fit as expected and that isn't your fault at all! Try another cut or another item all together. You may be surprised to find that something else you didn't have in mind looks and feels so great that you get that reward and extra confidence boost in an unexpected way.

What clothes success story made you jump for joy? Share in comments or on fb page or fb group :)

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