7 simple tips to get your sexiest female figure

Getting YOUR sexiest female figure is much easier when you focus on all the right workouts and training variables.  In this week's 7 vlogtober videos, featured below in several playlists, you will learn some of the easiest tricks to get the results you want for YOUR BODY and to maintain those results for life.  Simply follow the tips as you follow along with the videos at the fitness level that is appropriate for your body and your goals.  Try all the videos or just the ones you need by pushing the forward button. 

sexiest female figure tips that are lazy & fun

1.  Laying on the floor workouts seem lazy but can be just as tough as standing booty band circuits IF you're engaging all your core glute and thigh muscles and using gravity to your advantage.  The new booty bands floor workout video that kicked off this year's vlogtober shows exactly how elevating your feet on a wall, keeping feet off floor and pointing and flexing the feet can turn a laying around workout into seriously intense glute and core targeting.  

2.  Training hard doesn't mean your workouts have to be all serious and boring.  The more fun you have training the more likely you are to keep coming back to it so give yourself permission to wave your arms in the arm, twerk like a freak or play with your pet while you train.  Check out this week's big booty bounce workout reupload for a dose of hardcore butt training with some silly dance shennaningans mixed in.

sexiest female figure tips that are safe & results focused at every level

3.  One exercise can be as easy or as hard as you need it to be and there is no limit to how much variety and dynamic movement your body can handle AFTER you've perfected the basics.  Watch the new killer booty curtsey lunge glute kickbacks video to see how much variety you can have in just one move.  Need a simple plan your unique body type to help you get your sexiest female figure?   Get started with Love Your Booty plan here.

4.  The core stops responding to static planks pretty quickly but will never stop adapting to progressive twist combos.  This is why you must learn tripod twist combos from beginner to advanced as you get stronger more coordinated and fitter.  The new twist video in the playlists on this page show you exactly how.

sexiest female body tips that are time efficient & injury preventing

5.  Time is not an excuse for skipping your workouts.   You can get an amazing workout in under 15 min. if you focus on exercises that challenge your strength, endurance and coordination.  The brand new super effective quick booty back superset video in the playlist is a perfect example of that.

6.  Your workouts is only as good as your recovery and if this is an area that you're skimping on regularly then you need to prepare to pay the price with extreme soreness, pain, injury and permanent damage to your body.  Sounds terrible right!  It is and not worth it so even if you only stretch for 15 min. a few times a week as shown in the new intense quick yoga stretches video that is better than just a min. after each session.

7.  The more variables you target in your training the better the results.  So it's not just about increasing weight or length or intensity.  You must begin to combine some of those variable challenges to get your body to respond.  In the hds booty circuit reupload video in playlist here, I'm combining heavier weight, deeper range of motion and slower speed to really work the muscles hard without having to add more time to my training.