your sexiest female body exercises & workouts

The exercises and circuits below will help you sculpt your sexiest female body in a fun way.  You can modify these any way you like and if you don't feel like sexy burlesque dancing or sexy yoga poses then you can skip that and still get amazing results from just the exercise circuits.

get sexy exercise workout inspired by kylie minogue sexercize video

Start with a 5 min. warmup up of seated ball figure 8 hip circles I featured in my holiday series.  This improves hip mobility, transversus abdominis activation and releases tension in the back shoulders and neck.  Continue with some of the glute activation exercises I featured in a recent video including ball heel press, supine hip extension (single leg with foot on ball or both feet on floor if you prefer), and ball prone bent leg hip extension.  

Continue with 4 rounds of ball overhead sumo squat and running in place intervals alternating between the two with no rest.  Then continue with 3 circuits of overhead lunge twist + pulse, shinbox to mermaid press, modified hover press, alternating pilates fan kicks with or without ball, pilates leg lowers with or without ball. 

Finish up with some intense yoga stretches including dynamic standing forward fold, twisting dancer squat (also called a Goddess squat in yoga) rotating frog stretch, bow pose, and fish pose.  I guarantee you'll be feeling HOT after this intense and sexy workout!

booty core & burlesque dance workout

This circuit is so simple but challenging in a unique way because it's inspired 100% by burlesque chair dancing.  Perform 8-12 reps of 4 exercises in a circuit: 1.  chair single leg squat knee raise 2.  chair diagonal hip extension to inverted press 3.  chair single leg bridge to wide leg ball crunch 4.  chair diagonal leg lifts.  Repeat up to 5 times if you're not burlesque dancing or repeat 1 time then finish up with 5 min. of burlesque dancing with the same movement patterns from the circuit.  

If you're burlesque dancing start by just going through the motions then as you get comfortable with moving from one movement to the next try to make it more fluid and more sexy and have fun with it!  If you struggle with advanced or fluid movement and need to start with the basics be sure to get a copy of Hourglass Waist plan which helps you burn body fat, lose belly fat, strengthen, tone, shrink your waist and more...

Sorry I only filmed one round and used a free youtube track.  This month has been such a hassle at our house with everything breaking at once (microphone, vacuum, ac/heater and now blender).  I've also had lots of mom/son activities going on so no time for narration not that I could since the microphone I got was not so great and had to return it.  I actually borrowed my son's headset again to narrate the Kylie Minogue inspired circuit since it includes 17 killer exercises that burn fat and target every muscle especially booty legs and core.  More about what inspired that workout in my sexy exercise article.