how to move for your sexiest body results for life

If you want to get your sexiest body for life it's in your best interest to learn how to progress your movement patterns in a way that benefits your health, body type, fitness level as well as your motivation.  

The quick how to get sexy workout moves and tips below will show you exactly how to do all this and more.  Love this Olivia print?  Click it to get prints of her work.

sexy body workout moves & tips

The moves featured in this video show movement progressions for beginners to super advanced.  They're based on primal pattern movement which is what all my fitness plans and workouts I film are based on.  Even the sexy body workout videos that I send out to subscribers are based on progressions of the squat lunge press pull bend twist and gait movement patterns. 

As I explain in the video, learning how to tweak your workout moves in a fun way is really what keeps you consistent and motivated for life because it gives you the freedom to adapt any exercise, circuit, workout, routine or plan to your unique body type as well as to your needs, progress and preferences.  Knowing how to keep your workout routine challenging, fun and motivating is what will get you to your healthiest leanest curviest sexiest  female body for life.

3 more sexiest body tips 

Here's a few more workout move tips I didn't mention in the video that will help you get your sexiest female body.

1.  Have patience as your body adapts!  As you can see in the video I'm struggling with the straps single leg press because it's an exercise I have never tried before.  This is part of the journey and the more patience you have as your body adapts the easier it will be to make improvements.  In other words, don't get frustrated if you can't be perfect at more advanced moves.  

2.  Expect progression not perfection.  Speaking of perfection, women are notorious for being super hard on themselves.  I know because I'm a total control freak perfectionist about a lot of things.  Fitness isn't one of those things but this wasn't always the case.  It took me years to learn to enjoy the journey instead of rushing to more advanced workout moves and expecting instant results and the perfect body.  If you too suffer from instant gratification syndrome like I did years ago try to let it go.  You will get your sexiest body faster and in a more enjoyable way when you focus on how to perform better movement for the body you have right now.

3.    Feel free to train in a way that makes you happy.  All the fitness plans here on the site include circuits and weekly schedules that are 100% customizable so that you can create your own style of training that gets you the lean toned sexy body you want in a way that makes sense for you and your lifestyle.  Remember that you don't need to adapt yourself to a plan.  The plan needs to adapt to fit you.  The more you do this the more consistent you will be and the better your body transformation experience will be.  This is what every single video I film, circuit and fitness plan I create is all about; a custom experience that works for your female body.